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#95: SQLite: the most ubiquitous database on the planet. And beyond!

January 23, 2023 | 3 Minute Read

SQLite is by far the most common SQL database ever deployed. Are you listening to this on iPhone or Android device? It runs SQLite. Or maybe through a web browser? Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Android Browser all use SQLite underneath. Are you running MacOS or Windows? It’s built-in. Most Linux distributions have it as well. “But I’m listening to your podcast while driving a car”, you say. Well, most automotive systems use SQLite internally. If you happen to listen to my podcast while coding in PHP or Python, they include SQLite out-of-the-box. Oh, and it’s the default choice for Ruby on Rails as well. I’m pretty sure SQLite is used somewhere on the International Space Station and it maybe even landed on other planets? So, what makes this unsung hero so popular to run at least one trillion databases worldwide?

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Tags: PostgreSQL, SQL, SQLite

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