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November 15, 2022 | 151 Minute Read

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Sun Oct 30 22:23:16 2022

Quote from “Building Evolutionary Architectures” by @neal4d, @rebeccaparsons and @patkua

Tue Oct 25 10:52:11 2022

mtr is a useful tool for troubleshooting network connections (latencies and packet drops). It’s a combination of ping and traceroute. Here you can see the trace from my computer in 🇵🇱, through 🇳🇱, 🇭🇰 and finally reaching 🇳🇿. We can easily see which paths introduce biggest latency

Wed Oct 19 10:24:33 2022

RT @InfoQ: Project Loom: Revolution in Java Concurrency or Obscure Implementation Detail? by @tnurkiewicz

Sat Oct 15 05:59:13 2022

Ep #89 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #RabbitMQ: A proven message broken for asynchronous communication:

“The key advantages of RabbitMQ include: 15 years of open source history, battle proven Erlang implementation and support for industry standard protocols”

Wed Oct 12 19:00:57 2022

Ep #88 of #aroundITin256 podcast: SLI, SLO and SLA: a number, a threshold and a legal document respectively:

“SLA is a legal obligation. Not a metric or a number. You probably meant SLI or SLO.”

Mon Oct 03 20:43:13 2022

RT @eMalaGupta: @intellijidea @tnurkiewicz Thanks so much, @tnurkiewicz for presenting with us on #IntelliJIDEAConf. It was a pleasure to l…

Fri Sep 30 16:42:30 2022

RT @devskiller: Need a new podcast to listen to? Check out this podcast by DevSkiller CTO @tnurkiewicz. Every Tuesday Tomek talks about tec…

Fri Sep 30 11:49:37 2022

RT @intellijidea: Register now and join us online for #IntelliJIDEAConf, a free 2-day event, on September 29–30: He…

Wed Sep 28 08:46:48 2022

Ep #87 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Artificial neural networks: imitating human brain to solve problems like humans:

“we can observe quite intelligent behaviors […] ANN can recognize what’s in the image. Or quite the opposite - generate images from text”

Tue Sep 27 08:07:58 2022

RT @intellijidea: You can use Extract Functional Parameter refactoring with ⌥⇧⌘P (macOS), or Shift+Ctrl+Alt+P (Windows/Linux) to introduce…

Mon Sep 26 16:16:17 2022

RT @intellijidea: Fibers – what are they all about? Is Project Loom making Java concurrency simpler? @tnurkiewicz will introduce Loom to th…

Thu Sep 22 06:01:38 2022

Ep #86 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Proof of stake:

“#Ethereum moved to a proof-of-stake algorithm. This step alone reduced global energy consumption by 0.2%. [It] is using barely as much electricity as a few hundred households”

Mon Sep 19 20:17:01 2022

Ep #85 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Genetic algorithm: natural selection helps to solve coding problems:

“E.g., NASA designed a radio antenna […] using a genetic algorithm. Its shape is quite complicated, like nothing that could be designed by hand”

Wed Sep 14 07:42:30 2022

Small but very useful @intellijidea shortcuts:

  • Shift + Enter creates line below current line
  • Cmd + Opt + Enter create line above …even if you are in the middle of the current line. The latter in VS Code is Cmd + Shfit + Enter.

Tue Sep 13 09:14:15 2022

RT @YavaConf: #Onsite #YavaConf #Wielowątkowość #Skalowalność @devskiller

Już 27.09 na ścieżce Main Stage Onsite wystąpi przed Wami Tomas…

Mon Sep 12 16:14:57 2022

Ep #84 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Non-fungible token (NFT): digital, decentralized art market:

“an NFT has an associated piece of data. That data is typically a hyperlink to a digital piece of art. What you actually purchase is… well… that link?”

Mon Aug 29 20:43:25 2022

RT @intellijidea: At @JetBrains, join us in celebrating the developer community with #IntelliJIDEAConf, a free and virtual conference on 29…

Mon Aug 29 16:47:25 2022

Talking about over-engineering and cloud costs: “Any idiot can build a bridge that stands, but it takes an engineer to build a bridge that barely stands”

Wed Aug 24 13:18:48 2022

Ep #83 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Real-time bidding: how online tracking helps serving ads:

“How is that possible? How do they know? And how did we get into this dystopia? All of this became possible with real-time bidding. The billion-dollar industry…”

Tue Aug 23 21:17:16 2022

RT @lofidewanto: I enjoyed watching this #ReactiveProgramming talk from @tnurkiewicz

So just like the first rule of #DistributedSystem: Do…

Thu Aug 18 22:05:43 2022

Ep #82 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #MongoDB: the most popular NoSQL database:

“No matter how much information you want to keep, you just put that in a single, easily accessible document. Contrast that to relational databases…”

Tue Aug 16 20:06:03 2022

How many different digits do you know? Unicode 13.0 identifies… 650. Bonus fact: some Unicode code points can’t be mapped to a single character in Java, thus they are represented as a String

Fri Aug 05 07:44:11 2022

Ep #81 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Quarkus: supersonic, subatomic Java (guest: @holly_cummins):

“it’s Java, but really, really small. And really, really fast. […] a framework which gives you access to programming models you’re probably familiar with”

Fri Aug 05 06:50:52 2022

I was interviewed by @dicedotcom about hiring data analysts: how to screen, what questions to ask, and what to avoid during recruitment:

Wed Aug 03 08:45:47 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

…and a similar article about hiring network engineers:

Wed Aug 03 08:45:47 2022

I think I finally get it, so I built an animation to help you as well

Tue Jul 26 10:41:37 2022

For years I found it hard to understand complex list comprehensions in Python, like:

[x for y in matrix for x in y]

RT @alexcwatt: Stack Overflow runs nine (9) on-prem servers to host all its sites, and found that giving SQL 1.5 TB RAM was more effective…

Thu Jul 07 20:18:58 2022

Ep #80 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #Ethereum: a distributed virtual machine for exchanging money and bored apes:

“unlike #Bitcoin, it’s much more than a simple log. Ethereum […] can run programs as well. Ethereum network is actually one, huge computer!”

Mon Jul 04 21:53:54 2022

RT @holly_cummins: “Without consumer-driven contracts (CDC for short), we are often reckless when it comes to testing. But both client and…

Mon Jul 04 13:41:59 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

🎧 Use headphones with forward button. Skip unwanted in-episode ads and interruptions quickly

⏳ Setup forward button to exactly 30s. Often ad slots are half a minute long

📨 Organize podcasts into playlists. With limited time you can listen to the interesting ones first 3/4

Mon Jul 04 09:17:53 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

🧘‍♀️ Some people also organize playlists by “difficulty”, e.g. how much they have to focus

📲 Use push notifications when the most enjoyale podcasts arrive

📵 Forget about built-in iPhone player. I use Overcast and it has a ton of great features 4/4

Mon Jul 04 09:17:53 2022

Podcast listening like a pro:

⏭ Auto-skip intro and outro music, introduction, engagement incentives, ads. Define in/out length for each podcast. For some shows I skip the first 8 minutes (!) In that time you can listen to two full episodes of my podcast ;-) 🧵 1/4

Mon Jul 04 09:17:52 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

🏎 Speed up! Some podcasts are hard, then I listen at 1.6x. For some I reach 2.5x. Speed up gradually to train your 🧠

📉 Some apps have smart speed feature that slows down or speeds up adaptively and cuts silence 2/4

Mon Jul 04 09:17:52 2022

You either die a developer or live long enough to see yourself become the manager

Fri Jul 01 08:21:57 2022

At one org. we had a list of allowed Java libraries and versions. There was a plugin failing builds with unlisted libs. But it was only looking at JAR files. So…? 9 MiB hibernate.gif is not suspicious, and you can always rename it back to hibernate.jar in the next build step 🙈

Thu Jun 30 13:14:36 2022

Ep #79 of #aroundITin256 podcast: QUIC: what makes HTTP/3 faster:

“QUIC can be thought of as the third fundamental protocol of the Internet. Next to UDP and TCP/IP…”

Thu Jun 30 07:08:15 2022

RT @mpproch: No matter what @tnurkiewicz is talking about, it’s always clear and pleasure to listen @confiturapl

Sat Jun 25 11:04:14 2022

RT @confiturapl: Let’s welcome our next speaker, a man of many talents! He’s Java Champion, open-source affiliate, and active blogger, book…

Thu Jun 23 16:39:35 2022

Ep #78 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Stuxnet: computer virus that you can admire:

“one of the most sophisticated pieces of software ever built. A program that could change the course of history. Ironically, Stuxnet was a virus that infected 200k machines”

Mon Jun 20 21:51:43 2022

Ep #77 of #aroundITin256 podcast: DDoS: take down a server, one request at a time:

“You can purchase DDoS attack on a black market. Funnily, sometimes these are not even ordinary computers. In 2016 successful DDoS attack came from hacked… CCTV cameras”

Mon Jun 13 20:17:57 2022

  • 2x increase is +100%. 2x decrease is -100%
  • 10x increase is 1000%
  • Increase by 10%, then decrease by 10%, you get original value
  • Increase of 10% every month means 120% per year
  • 2% growth from 8% to 10%

All statements above are wrong. Check out:

Mon Jun 13 18:10:22 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Correct statements:

  • 2x increase is +100%. 2x decrease is -50%
  • 10x increase is 900%
  • Increase by 10%, then decrease by 10%, you get 99% of original
  • Increase of 10% every month means ~214% per year
  • 2 percentage points (or 200 basis points, or 25%) growth from 8% to 10%

Mon Jun 13 18:10:22 2022

Don’t write technical documentation. Instead, write separately:

  • tutorials (learning-oriented)
  • how-to guides (goal-oriented)
  • explanation (understanding-oriented)
  • reference material (information-oriented)

Fri Jun 10 07:26:15 2022

A few years ago I coined the term “Netflix point” - the scale at which doing reactive programming starts to pay of. Turns out not even Netflix crossed the Netflix point ;-)

Wed Jun 08 08:59:28 2022

We once lost the source code of some legacy software we wrote. We found one old copy on some PC. How to make sure it was fresh? Decompile the binary 1️⃣, compile the old source 2️⃣, decompile it 3️⃣, compare decompiled source from 1️⃣ and 3️⃣. Less error prone than comparing binaries

Tue Jun 07 18:52:41 2022

Ep #76 of #aroundITin256 podcast: 12th Factor App: portable and resilient services start here. Part 8-12/12:

“In part 2 of the Twelve-Factor App, we’ll explore the second half of the principles. Be sure to listen to the previous episode as well”

Mon Jun 06 19:56:40 2022

NumberFormat.getCompactNumberInstance() is available since Java 12. If this doesn’t convince you to upgrade from Java 11, I don’t know what will ;-)

Fri Jun 03 11:21:13 2022

Most of the microservices I have seen break “the one-hop rule: a service should not call other services to respond to a request”. And most teams heroically work around it with circuit breakers, distributed tracing, service meshes, client-side routing…

Tue May 31 18:17:59 2022

Ep #75 of #aroundITin256 podcast: 12th Factor App: portable and resilient services start here. Part 1-7/12:

“[…]a set of design guidelines defined by #Heroku. These guidelines are best suited for cloud-native, portable and resilient services”

Tue May 31 07:27:54 2022

“How to hire senior software developers: Advice from the DevSkiller CTO” - my newest article:

Mon May 30 08:56:20 2022

Reviewing code of a dynamic language: “This test suite could have been a type system”

Tue May 24 08:16:37 2022

RT @pbakker: @HansWurst315 @rafaelcodes We’ve moved away from most RX code actually. There are exceptions (e.g Zuul), but most of Netflix r…

Sun May 22 22:37:42 2022

Confession: I once got a stack trace with 6 different languages. Error was from an ML model written in #Python ⓵, invoked through native #C wrapper ⓶, inside #Scala/#Akka cluster ⓷, but using #Java ⓸ API. Business logic was in #Clojure ⓹ triggered by an in-house lang… ⓺

Fri May 20 14:47:16 2022

Replying to @stealthmusic

Longer version of the same talk from a different conference:

Thu May 19 07:00:25 2022

I got a feedback after my QCon Plus session on Project Loom. Wow, thank you!

Tue May 17 21:00:04 2022

Ep #74 of #aroundITin256 podcast: SOAP:

“Technically, SOAP can support request-response, as well as fire-and-forget communication. The underlying protocol is HTTP, but there’s nothing against using message brokers or even SMTP”

Mon May 16 20:47:26 2022

New podcast episode is about to be released. This time about some ancient technology… Stay tuned!

Mon May 16 19:56:54 2022

RT @QCon: @tnurkiewicz, Java Champion and CTO @DevSkiller shares details about #ProjectLoom, how it helps in writing concurrent #code, and…

Wed May 11 16:18:13 2022

Ep #73 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #Neo4j: all your data as a graph?:

“What makes it different is the unusual data model. In Neo4j everything is modeled as a graph. […] it turns out many problems can be efficiently modeled as graphs”

Tue May 10 06:46:07 2022

Ep #72 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #React.js: library that won frontends?:

“React applications are built on top of reusable components [that] encapsulate look and feel, logic and state. Also, React has quite an advanced state propagation mechanism”

Fri May 06 09:57:33 2022

It’s been 2 years since I started my podcast 🎉! Some statistics:

  • 66k - number of downloads
  • 250 newsletter subscribers
  • 90 pages of transcripts
  • 71 episodes
  • 1 guest
  • 0 seconds wasted asking for stars, reviews, subscribing, sharing… Thank you!

Sun May 01 05:28:03 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

The best part: the fact that these two URLs are equal is temporary. They’ll become unequal if DNS becomes unreachable or returns different IP. TL;DR: URL.equals() in Java is broken beyond comprehension. It makes a network call, it’s slow, unreliable and is a terrible HashMap key

Thu Apr 28 11:45:17 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Trying to access this IP directly fails. But just add Host header to HTTP request and everything works just fine:

Thu Apr 28 11:45:16 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Using dig we notice that these domains (Polish president and some dating site) point to the same servers. Scandal? No. CDN. These are #Cloudflare IPs:

Thu Apr 28 11:45:15 2022

In #Java, two entirely different URLs may be considered equal. Sometimes. Why? DNS. It’s always DNS. Well, Java works this way: “Two hosts are considered equivalent if both host names can be resolved into the same IP addresses”. Let’s dig (no pun intended!) a little bit deeper 🧵

Thu Apr 28 11:45:14 2022

Ep #71 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #Erlang: let it crash!

“It means the system is unavailable for less than 31 milliseconds. Per year”. And good news, I already have episodes recorded on #ReactJS, #Neo4j, SOAP, 12th factor apps, DDoS attacks and more!

Tue Apr 26 07:58:30 2022

I give up Microsoft, I’m not a human

Wed Apr 20 09:03:16 2022

RT @martinkl: 🎧 I did a brief 4-minute introduction to CRDTs and local-first software as a podcast episode with @tnurkiewicz (transcript in…

Wed Apr 13 20:29:00 2022

I’m speaking at @QCon #QConPlus about project #Loom. See you there!

Wed Apr 13 14:08:25 2022

Ep #70 of #aroundITin256 podcast: CRDT: Conflict-free Replicated Data Type. Very special episode with the author of @intensivedata, Martin Kleppmann. Thank you @martinkl

Tue Apr 12 08:53:24 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Also, I’m working on a lot of new episodes, including #Erlang, #ReactJS and… #Stuxnet virus. Want to become a guest with other topic of your choice?

Tue Apr 12 08:53:24 2022

RT @DarthPutinKGB: Germany 2015: “Greece must make painful economic sacrifices to receive bailout”

Germany 2022 “ Germany will not make an…

Sat Apr 09 17:27:35 2022

RT @DmytroKuleba: Bucha massacre was deliberate. Russians aim to eliminate as many Ukrainians as they can. We must stop them and kick them…

Sun Apr 03 12:09:22 2022

6th CVE related to Spring Expression Language (SpEL), 4th RCE (remote code execution): CVE-2011-2730 CVE-2016-4977 (RCE) CVE-2020-9301 CVE-2021-45029 (RCE) CVE-2021-23258 (RCE) CVE-2022-22963 (RCE)

Wed Mar 30 19:23:59 2022

Slajdy z mojej prezentacji na #boilingfrogs22, zachęcam do eksperymentowania z Unicode!

Sat Mar 19 13:38:22 2022

During Reactor workshop I run a simple 1-minute benchmark comparing Reactor’s window() vs. buffer() to calculate the number of events/seconds (~5M/s in test setup).

window() uses 300 MiB of memory with little GC. buffer() quickly allocates 7 GiB. Want to learn more?

Tue Mar 15 14:53:27 2022

Our family donated: ✅ clothes ✅ food ✅ money ✅ blood Helping 🇺🇦 as much as we can

Mon Feb 28 13:13:32 2022

Ep #69 of #aroundITin256 podcast: DevOps: not a job position, but culture and mindset:

“a movement to bridge the gap between developers and operations teams. Traditionally, these two groups were separate and rarely interacted with each other”

Mon Feb 14 22:59:05 2022

RT @gregyoung: Tomasz Nurkiewicz aka @tnurkiewicz - Project Loom: revolution in concurrency?

I don’t know much about loom, looking forward…

Mon Feb 07 10:32:38 2022

Turns out @intellijidea can automatically refactor tedious if-else Java code into one-liner, using highly underrated Map.merge()! See also:

Thu Feb 03 12:11:05 2022

Ep #68 of #aroundITin256 podcast: ACID transactions: don’t corrupt your data:

” acronym describing transactions: ACID. A good database engine follows these properties religiously. NoSQL engines, on the other hand, trade ACID for availability or speed”

Tue Feb 01 08:57:09 2022

RT @devskillertech: We are looking for an infrastructure engineer/DevOps to grow our team! Feel free to apply or D…

Mon Jan 31 17:30:30 2022

TIL IntelliJ IDEA suggests dependency updates! Great if you don’t use @dependabot

Thu Jan 27 10:17:48 2022

Ep #67 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Version control systems: auditing source code, tracking bugs and experimenting:

“they allow collaborating on the same code by multiple developers and keep the history of changes, […] tracking bug fixes and regressions”

Tue Jan 25 22:44:10 2022

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Thank you for attending and all the great questions. You can find slides with further materials here:

Mon Jan 24 20:45:36 2022

My talk about Project Loom at @JChampionsConf starts in 30 minutes! Did I mention that @heinzkabutz will join us as a moderator?

Mon Jan 24 18:30:49 2022

Replying to @PanasWaldemar, @dubieladam, @pivovarit, @jnabrdalik, @JakubPilimon, @j_palka, @jarek000000, @MiroslawZelent, @olga_maciaszek, @ptrstpp950 and @SlawekSobotka](

Slajdy z mojej 5-minutowej prezentacji o ‘lekcji dla początkujących programistek i programistów’:

Sun Jan 23 12:58:20 2022

“Software Craftsman, The: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride” by @sandromancuso 😆

Thu Jan 20 13:11:24 2022

Ep #66 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Aspect-oriented programming: another level of code modularization:

“sometimes it’s even hard to realize there’s duplication in the first place! Examples are logging, validation, checking security, starting a transaction”

Tue Jan 18 08:12:06 2022

RT @Java_Champions: “Project Loom: Revolution in concurrency or obscure implementation detail?” by @tnurkiewicz on Monday 24th January at 2…

Sun Jan 16 14:41:34 2022

10+ Slack pro-tips for effective communication

Sat Jan 15 15:10:30 2022

Ep #65 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Zero Downtime deployment:

“[…] Today’s tools and DevOps practices allow deploying tens or even hundreds of times per day. With no downtime, and no noticeable disruption. Sometimes every commit is deployed automatically”

Tue Jan 11 07:27:10 2022

Ep #64 of #aroundITin256 podcast: TypeScript: will it entirely replace JavaScript?:

“any valid JavaScript program is also valid TypeScript. [It] adds a ton of features, addressing the shortcomings of JavaScript like optional static typing and null-safety”

Mon Jan 03 23:01:40 2022

RT @PanasWaldemar: Zapraszam na inauguracyjne wydarzenie #jugademy na początek 2022! Wśród gości: @dubieladam @pivovarit @jnabrdalik @Jakub

Tue Dec 28 09:30:59 2021

Ep #63 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Logging libraries: auditing and troubleshooting your application:

“You can’t look at your application all the time. Instead, it should leave [some] persistent trace. Simply printing random words is no longer sufficient.”

Mon Dec 27 22:49:06 2021

RT @JChampionsConf: The 2022 JChampions Conference is set to go on Jan 20, 21, 24, & 25.

Web Site: Speakers/Sessi…

Mon Dec 27 22:32:49 2021

Ep #62 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Object-relational mapping: hiding vs. introducing complexity:

“SQL was supposed to be easy to use. However, writing complex joins by hand is hard. So why not build a universal framework for object-relational mapping?”

Tue Dec 21 08:23:52 2021

I collected notes I made during dozens of Reactor workshops over the last couple of years. 100+ slides: Not a tutorial, just a rough memory dump. I don’t have time to do more workshops.

Would you like to see a recorded 🎥 course? Or Reactor/WebFlux book?

Mon Dec 20 10:13:21 2021

The same number of kangaroos live in the wild in the green area and the blue area. CC @TerribleMaps

Thu Dec 16 19:28:56 2021

Ep #61 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Spring framework: 2 decades of building Java applications:

“Writing a web application before Spring was cumbersome. [Spring was] a by-product for a book by Rod Johnson [that] sparked to be one of the largest ecosystems”

Wed Dec 15 21:27:11 2021

Ep #60 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Haskell: purely functional and statically typed programming language:

“[…] doing any input/output is considered impure […] In some books, a simple “Hello, world” example appears as late as in chapter… 9.”

Wed Dec 08 10:24:40 2021

RT @lxt: We re-ran Cloudflare’s experiment with more rigor. In this blog post, we explain why this experiment is a poor metric for measurin…

Tue Dec 07 14:58:48 2021

I’ve been using @GitHubCopilot with @intellijidea for a few weeks. Sometimes it’s ridiculously wrong. But more often I’m blown away by how clever the suggestions are. I’m not afraid of my job being taken over by robots. However, it’s a valuable tool that saves me a bit of typing

Sun Dec 05 19:03:20 2021

RT @neiljbrown: @tnurkiewicz Enjoying your podcast Like the short form, concise content. Great intros & overviews…

Sat Dec 04 17:49:15 2021

Command palette is a game-changer in @intellijidea, @code, @GIMP_Official, @obsdmd and every piece of software that supports it. Check out its history:

Tue Nov 30 09:24:59 2021

Ep #59 of #aroundITin256 podcast: How compilers work: from source to execution:

“A compiler is an application that turns text into an executable program. Let’s take a journey through the compiler internals”

Mon Nov 29 20:46:38 2021

Ep #58 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Consumer-driven Contracts: TDD between services:

“Without CDC, we are often reckless when it comes to testing […] both client and server can evolve, breaking the integration in unexpected ways”

Mon Nov 22 21:08:03 2021

I use @youglish almost every day to check the pronunciation of English words in real language and context. Very useful tool: For fun, check e.g. “kubectl” or “GIF” :-). Thx @mmaly for a hint!

Sat Nov 20 21:31:54 2021

Ep #57 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #Kotlin: Much more than “better #Java”:

“[we] can gradually rewrite our applications from Java to Kotlin. Or use Java libraries and frameworks […] Sometimes it’s placed between Java and Scala in terms of capabilities”

Tue Nov 16 08:18:59 2021

TIL there’s a browser extension that auto-skips sponsored segments from #YouTube videos. Also self-promotion, intros, etc. Open-source with crowd-sourced database

Fri Nov 12 08:57:02 2021

Ep #56 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Test-driven development:

“TDD doesn’t say ‘testing first’. It says: development driven by tests. It’s not really about testing. It’s an attitude to designing and developing software that must be testable, by definition. “

Tue Nov 02 09:14:43 2021

The Missing README (@missingreadme): A Guide for the New Software Engineer book review

Wed Oct 27 08:55:05 2021

Ep #55 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Percentages, percentage points and basis points: understand your metrics:

“understanding percentages is crucial not only in banking. What does it mean when disk space decreased by 10 percent? How to measure system load?”

Mon Oct 25 20:32:36 2021

Replying to @utkuozdemir

In my Java bubble structured logging is not a thing (?) Thx, I just learned about this concept!

Fri Oct 22 10:05:44 2021

Idea💡: logging libraries/APIs should natively support key-value placeholders, like:“New customer”, {custId=123, firstName=”John”})

Benefits: uniform formatting and precise searching, i.e.: all logs where custId is 123 but not some random 123 anywhere

Fri Oct 22 09:05:23 2021

If you are into math, @3Blue1Brown YouTube channel is stunning. The animations are breathtaking. Grant Sanderson built and open-sourced a custom #Python framework just for them. Absolute legend! One of my favorite videos:

Thu Oct 21 18:16:08 2021

Ep #54 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Immutability: from data structures to data centers:

“This concept is tremendously important across our whole industry. […] Modifying a single item, adding or removing, sorting - each of these operations return a copy”

Tue Oct 19 06:59:26 2021

Ep #53 of #aroundITin256 podcast: CDN: Content Delivery Network: global scale caching: “a set of geographically distributed servers for fast content delivery. Without CDN all requests are routed to your own server, located somewhere in the world”

Mon Oct 11 20:36:18 2021

Ep #52 of #aroundITin256 podcast: How computers work: from electrons to #Electron: “electrons, are attracted or repelled. The electricity flows […] because of the difference in electric field potential on wire’s ends. This difference is known as voltage”

Tue Oct 05 08:43:45 2021

#Chrome browser keyboard tips:

☑️ ⌘ + digit: open n-th tab (9 -> last) ☑️ ⌘ + ⇧ + A: search open and recently closed tabs ☑️ ⌘ + ⇧ + T: reopen last closed tab ☑️ ⌘ + ⇧ + M: switch between profiles ☑️ ⌘ + F (find link), then ⌃ + Enter to click that link (no mouse)

Fri Oct 01 07:49:50 2021

I love the Unwrap refactoring in @intellijidea. It removes a surrounding block of code (function call, if, try-catch), leaving its contents. Here I remove try-catch but the statement inside stays, as well as the if statement. Also, I can choose to remove if and leave try-catch

Wed Sep 29 12:09:15 2021 ‘How Events Are Reshaping Modern Systems’ by @jboner: 1️⃣ In a complex system, something is always failing somewhere 2️⃣ Embrace failure as something natural 3️⃣ “The truth is the log. The database is a cache of a subset of the log” (quote by @PatHelland)

Tue Sep 28 11:05:09 2021

Ep #51 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Cloud computing: more than renting servers per minute: “[…]with very flexible pricing: we only pay for what we use and for the time we use it. Once we are done, we no longer pay and someone else can use that same server”

Tue Sep 28 07:39:57 2021

ests and deployed to canary and there are no issues. Do you want to deploy everywhere?” @olearycrew in

Mon Sep 27 08:47:18 2021

[a tool]: “these are your repositories that contain a vulnerability. A patch was released overnight. [I] created a merge request to update and run unit t

Ep 50 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Property-based testing: “How do you make sure that your compression algorithm works? What if I told you, there is software that can check [its] properties automatically? With thousands of randomized tests?”

Tue Sep 21 07:25:57 2021

OH: and organizational change must start from people, followed by discussing a process, and finding the right tools to support it. All too often we start by choosing the tools, come up with a process around them and announce it to the people

Mon Sep 20 07:35:13 2021

Who can better explain the fallacies of distributed computing than Peter Deutsch himself?

Sat Sep 18 21:38:41 2021

Wired internet connection in 2021 be like

Thu Sep 16 15:19:27 2021

Ep #49 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Functional programming: academic research or new hope for the industry?:

“length of a string is a function […] returning the current date for a given location is not a function. Or reading a file.”

Mon Sep 13 22:15:23 2021

Ep #48 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Distributed tracing: find bottlenecks in complex systems:

“easily examine which methods were invoked […] it’s fairly easy to profile performance bottlenecks, […] much harder when there are multiple systems involved.”

Tue Sep 07 08:06:35 2021

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Thx @rstoya05 for your thorough comment on this article! Especially regarding TTFB and superiority of RSocket

Fri Sep 03 07:29:52 2021

When troubleshooting internet latency I find quite useful. It displays ping to multiple hosts over time. Here: twitter, my ISP and my router

Thu Sep 02 07:10:57 2021

JSON streaming and error handling with Spring WebFlux

Mon Aug 30 19:57:37 2021

3 techniques to stream JSON in Spring WebFlux

Mon Aug 30 12:52:11 2021 is a great resource to learn technical writing. From using the right grammar and vocabulary, through lists, tables, and illustrations, to identifying your audience. Highly recommended to all developers!

Thu Aug 19 07:21:28 2021

When and how to use onErrorContinue(): #Reactor FAQ

Mon Aug 16 20:05:35 2021

Our #DevSkillerRevolution webinar is about to start! We are revealing some really great features for #Java developers

Wed Aug 04 14:00:18 2021

We’ve built something remarkable. A feature that will change the way you recruit Java developers. No, seriously. Live coding, no BS. Join us for a premiere on Aug 4th:

Wed Jul 28 08:15:59 2021

I absolutely admire the works of @BCiechanowski. His last article about the internal combustion engine ( is superb. The level of details, interactive animations, educational skills… Previous articles are awesome as well

Wed Jul 07 11:06:07 2021

Ep #47 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Terraform: managing infrastructure as code:

“software for managing your infrastructure […] you define desired, final infrastructure state. Terraform takes all the necessary steps to fulfill your needs”

Tue Jul 06 06:24:19 2021

Ep #46 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Kubernetes: Orchestrating large-scale deployments:

“Kubernetes is a platform for managing various workloads inside containers. […] Manually tracking which servers should host which components is tedious and error-prone”

Tue Jun 29 09:12:33 2021

Ep #45 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Node.js: running JavaScript on the server (!):

“The same language can be used for a very different purpose: listening and handling web requests. This became possible after extracting the JavaScript engine from Chrome”

Tue Jun 22 06:47:46 2021

Is it secure to keep OIDC id_token in a cookie with SameSite without the HttpOnly flag so you can access profile details from JavaScript? Asking for a friend

Thu Jun 17 11:03:19 2021

Ep #44 of #aroundITin256 podcast: RESTful APIs: much more than JSON over HTTP:

“REST is an architectural style of communication, based on HTTP […] it’s much easier to understand what RESTful API is when contrasted to SOAP. And GraphQL released recently”

Tue Jun 15 08:46:28 2021

Ep #43 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Public-key cryptography: math invention that revolutionized the Internet:

“Bob wants to send an encrypted file to Alice. Sadly, Eve can read all communication between Alice and Bob. The file was encrypted, so no worries?”

Tue Jun 08 06:43:09 2021

Over time I appreciate my Computer Science degree more and more. The knowledge that seemed irrelevant now becomes very fundamental. E.g. low-level CPU design, TCP/IP internals, cryptography, distributed algorithms, implementing compilers, state machines

Mon Jun 07 07:20:40 2021

Ep #42 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Flow control and backpressure: slowing down to remain stable:

“Sooner or later, this buffer overflows and either start dropping data or crashes altogether. Moreover, large buffers imply growing latency”

Tue Jun 01 06:25:57 2021

Ep #41 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Unicode: can you see these: Æ, 爱 and 🚀?:

“The first attempt was ASCII. […] it’s a table of 127 symbols […] Of course, it’s an American Standard. So it ignores the existence of any other country and alphabet.”

Tue May 25 05:47:36 2021

RT @iamrohitjmathew: @samjulien Love these short technical episodes by @tnurkiewicz

Wed May 19 19:30:35 2021

RT @mmaly: @BialekElla @macbor Subsrybuję kilka podcastów, których odcinek miewa po 1,5 h. Ale na pewno większą popularnością cieszą się ta…

Tue May 18 18:13:11 2021

Ep #40 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Docker: more than a process, less than a VM:

“Docker is somewhere in between. Better isolation than plain processes, but it’s not quite yet a VM.”

Tue May 18 07:38:14 2021

Ep #39 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #DNS: one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet:

“In the Internet, all communication is routed through IP addresses. Each and every server, as well as your computer, is identified using such an address”

Tue May 11 09:25:51 2021

W tym roku nadchodzi nowa #Java 17. Młodzi może lekceważą ten język albo nawet nie znają, ale nie ma wątpliwości, że jakiś rozdział w tworzeniu backendów się otwiera #mimowszystkojava

Mon Apr 26 10:54:14 2021

When your vacuum cleaner throws a JavaScript error. In Chinese. CC @internetofshit

Wed Apr 21 07:23:57 2021

Ep #38 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #HTTP cookies: from saving shopping cart to online tracking:

“the HTTP server is not allowed and not capable of storing any context between requests. It has no memory of prior questions from the same client”

Tue Mar 30 10:13:36 2021

Ep #37 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Fallacies of distributed computing:

“[…] a set of myths we believe, when designing complex systems. […] If you have a monolith connecting to a database on the other node. This is a distributed system as well!”

Tue Mar 23 08:24:24 2021

Ep #36 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #Microservices architecture:

“[…] split your complex system into multiple independent applications. They communicate with each other via APIs. Each microservice should be self-sufficient to a reasonable degree”

Wed Mar 17 12:59:55 2021

Replying to @lukaseder, [@vlad_mihalcea]( and [@rafaelcodes](

Thu Mar 04 09:56:22 2021

Ep #35 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Reactive programming:

“Essentially, every spreadsheet is internally represented by a dependency graph. We declare which pieces of data depend on which. It’s called reactive programming”

Tue Mar 02 22:09:10 2021

Ep #34 of #aroundITin256 podcast: #SQL joins:

“For example, when storing books and authors, you don’t keep an author’s name next to a book record. Instead, you use a so-called foreign key that references the author in another table”

Wed Feb 24 08:50:48 2021

RT @jackdanger: Because not everyone knows: If Bitcoin’s price ever reaches $1m it will output more carbon than the entire US and consume 2…

Sat Feb 20 18:54:30 2021

Replying to @evtolbakov

Thanks! Preparing transcripts is extra work so I kept them for mailing list subscribers as a bonus. But since you’re asking, I uploaded all of them so far. Transcripts are sometimes longer and contain extra material, like code snippets. Enjoy!

Tue Feb 16 22:15:35 2021

Ep #33 of #aroundITin256 podcast: OAuth 2.0:

“Historically […] you had to reveal your password, [it] must be stored in plain text. Such an approach has multiple flaws. […] 3rd party can now do anything on your behalf. Including changing your password”

Tue Feb 16 08:27:36 2021

Ep #32 of #aroundITin256 podcast: Cryptographic hash function:

“[..] For the same input it always produces the same output, known as a hash. Ideally, different messages should produce a different hash. In practice, hash collisions must happen”

Tue Feb 09 11:36:03 2021

RT @iamrohitjmathew: For anyone who has not heard this gem of a podcast by @tnurkiewicz please do check it out. It’s one of my favourite te…

Thu Feb 04 23:09:14 2021

Ep #31 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #Redis:

“Redis is quite a versatile NoSQL, key-value database. Or in-memory cache. Or pub/sub broker. With transactions and stored procedures. Extremely fast, it’s often used as an alternative to #Memcached”

Mon Feb 01 23:29:24 2021

I actually enjoy the discussions when I recruit developers. However, sometimes I get frustrated because I enjoy coding and solving real problems much more. Do you feel the same? What are some other annoying “coding distractors” in your job? Doing some research, pls share or RT

Thu Jan 28 14:37:56 2021

Ep #30 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Linear Regression:

“Linear regression is one of the simplest machine learning algorithms. […] It takes a bunch of existing, known observations and tries to predict how new observations will look like”

Wed Jan 20 13:58:59 2021

Ep #29 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Time synchronization:

” We need a way to have a reliable, global clock, that is synchronized between many computers. But how do we make sure servers aren’t lying? Even unintentionally? This is where #NTP comes into play”

Tue Jan 12 16:30:36 2021

Ep #28 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Event sourcing:

“an alternative technique for storing data. Every change is captured in an immutable append-only log. We never overwrite existing records. ES can be fast because it inserts data, rather than updating it”

Tue Jan 05 21:48:30 2021

Ep #27 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Proof-of-work in #blockchain:

“Let’s try to cheat the blockchain. If my wallet has exactly one #bitcoin, I can’t spend it twice. However, what if I purposefully create and announce two blocks at the same time?”

Tue Dec 29 09:04:50 2020

Ep #26 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #Blockchain and #Bitcoin:

“the idea behind the blockchain is to maintain data integrity without a central authority. Data is distributed among peers. No node is distinguished and some number of nodes can even be hostile”

Tue Dec 22 12:51:12 2020

Ep #25 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: High-frequency trading #HFT:

“A trading bot can easily read social media and within microseconds decide whether particular news is good or bad. […] Before other computers do the same. Human traders stand no chance”

Tue Dec 15 12:06:23 2020

RT @singlespl: I’m not much of a podcast person (actively listening to maybe 5 or so), but “Around IT in 256 Seconds” (by @tnurkiewicz) is…

Sat Dec 12 20:09:04 2020

Ep #24 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Service discovery:

“Services come and go, being deployed on different machines all the time. […] When one service wants to talk to the other, it must somehow figure out where that service currently lives”

Tue Dec 08 21:56:31 2020

Ep #22 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Moore’s law:

“It’s a common misconception that Moore’s law is dead. [It’s] an observation that holds true after half a century [that] the number of transistors in a CPU doubles every two years. Exponential growth.”

Tue Nov 24 07:40:55 2020 by @adriancolyer TL;DR: To protect our data and privacy, apps should be designed local-first with servers for backup and synchronization, including e2e encryption. These days we are just browsing data in the cloud that can disappear at any time. Or be sold

Sat Nov 21 13:45:45 2020

RT @QCon: Looking forward to today’s workshops with @asaikali, @wesreisz, @tnurkiewicz, @lady_nerd & @Sputina at #QConPlus.

#workshops #K…

Fri Nov 06 20:05:24 2020

Ep #21 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #SSE and #WebSockets:

“we’d often like to receive data from the server without any request. This could be achieved with a few hacks […] SSE standardizes push technology by defining the protocol and #JavaScript #API.”

Tue Nov 03 22:42:05 2020

A great, in-depth article about how @figmadesign implemented real-time multiplayer collaboration with WebSockets, CRDTs, and lots of clever heuristics:

Sun Nov 01 17:05:20 2020

RT @GremlinInc: Good morning ☕

This is a great overview of #ChaosEngineering in 256 seconds! by @tnurkiewicz

Fri Oct 30 15:40:44 2020

Ep #20 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Chaos engineering:

“how do you make sure that your system can survive minor infrastructure and network failures? The ultimate test is… turning off the service on production. And making sure the rest actually works”

Tue Oct 27 11:16:13 2020

Ep #19 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #GraalVM:

“JIT is essentially a pure function that takes bytecode as input and returning machine code as output […] You can plug-in a JIT compiler written in Java to the JVM. GraalVM quickly outperformed legacy JIT”

Tue Oct 20 07:09:39 2020

A fascinating story of code that changed the world. From the first compiler, through Apollo Guidance Computer, Therac-25 deadly bug, IRC, JPEG format, ad tracking pixel, pop-up add, PageRank, RSS, Roomba, Conficker Worm, Heartbleed, to 737 Max error:

Sat Oct 17 19:32:09 2020

I’m giving an online workshop on #Reactor: Mastering Concurrency at @QCon #QConPlus. The material is for beginners and we’ll focus on one important aspect: different ways to run code concurrently. See you on Nov 6th!

Wed Oct 14 20:27:45 2020

Ep #18 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #JIT compilation:

“[…] one of the first usages of JIT was more than half a century ago! Ken Thompson compiled regular expressions at runtime into machine code to improve performance.”

Tue Oct 13 06:26:36 2020

Ep #17 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #Akka:

“All of this complexity is somewhat hidden with BPM framework. First of all the process is first drawn. Now those pesky developers need to fill in the gaps. I mean, writing code that does some logic.”

Tue Oct 06 21:16:37 2020

In our next live we’d like to discuss homework assignments. Do you think they are a better approach compared to on-site recruiting interviews? Testing real skills in a familiar env? Or too much pointless work and a waste of time? Please comment or DM me |

Mon Oct 05 07:08:07 2020

Ep #16 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #Akka:

“[…] If you want an actor to do something or give you some information, message passing is the only way. Send a message, actor will receive it at some point in time, consume it and send a response back.”

Thu Sep 24 09:10:59 2020

Episode #15 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Mutation testing:

“[…] a script that takes your codebase and removes a random line. The project still builds (!) Turns out your tests aren’t as good as you think. And I just described mutation testing”

Tue Sep 15 08:14:37 2020

Replying to @AdamBrodziak

#GitHub pages + #Jekyll works great for me: Custom domain, HTTPS for free, publish using git push, HTML and Markdown support. Sadly just a few boring templates to choose, but I saw you can import remote ones. Live version:

Fri Sep 11 07:46:28 2020

I really enjoyed watching “Project #Loom? Better Futures? What’s next for #JVM concurrent programming” by @adamwarski: - especially explaining why we’ll still need high-level concurrency libraries with Loom

Sun Sep 06 12:16:37 2020

Episode #14 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Type systems is out:

“[…] conservative, slow and annoying compiler? Or maybe a fast feedback loop, often resulting in crashes at runtime?”

Enjoy listening, a new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Sep 01 12:52:54 2020

Interaction Protocols: It’s All about Good Manners: TL;DR:

  • great talk as always by @mjpt777
  • protocols are better than plain APIs
  • binary is better than text protocol
  • asynchronous is better than synchronous
  • batching is important, 2PC is a dead end

Mon Aug 31 13:05:42 2020

#Coroutines Explained by @dmitrykandalov: TL;DR: coroutines are an old idea, existing in many languages these days, including #Lua (“#JavaScript for C developers”) and #Kotlin. Fast-paced talk showing how continuations and generators lead to coroutines

Fri Aug 28 13:57:40 2020

Replying to @KarolJKrol

10x slower compared to lazy loading. Possible reason: Hibernate mapping contains a very wide and deep inheritance hierarchy. Lazy loading is fetching very little data once discovered. Eager loading must conservatively join every possible table to avoid extra round-trips

Thu Aug 27 07:53:27 2020

Episode #13 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: #Cassandra is out:

“an open-source NoSQL database, heavily optimized for writes […] Despite having tables and columns, it is actually a sophisticated key-value store.”

Enjoy listening, a new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Aug 18 07:55:51 2020

When seeing “eyJ…”, what do you expect next?

Thu Aug 13 12:08:50 2020

RT @rsobers: DNS exfiltration 😈

Wed Aug 12 16:00:18 2020

Replying to @vlad_mihalcea, [@rafaelcodes]( and [@StackOverflow](

Without bots, back in 2012, I got both Fanatic and Legendary on @StackOverflow. Fun fact: I stopped contributing shortly after but my reputation tripled anyway to soon reach 300K :-).

Tue Aug 11 15:12:58 2020

Episode #12 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: Continuous integration, delivery and deployment is out:

“CD takes this to the extreme, if code got into master, it’s automatically deployed to prod, several times a day.”

Enjoy listening, a new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Aug 11 07:07:58 2020

I just ‘fixed’ N+1 problem in #Hibernate. Inheritance model was so complex it reminded me of the Forrester family from The Bold and the Beautiful. So I wrote 10 lines of elegant HQL. It turned into 400-lines long SQL query. 17 JOINS, 291 columns. It’s 10x slower. How’s your day?

Thu Aug 06 08:03:13 2020

RT @MarcinKuthan: @tnurkiewicz You should feel like a proud founder of, a few tweaks for the latest Dataflow conso…

Thu Aug 06 07:53:11 2020

Episode #11 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: MapReduce is out: #MapReduce works best when you have a relatively simple program, but data is spread across thousands of servers. Also about #Hadoop. Enjoy listening, a new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Aug 04 06:45:48 2020

RT @KrzysztofSlonka: We’ve done it! One million requests per second in our Service Mesh - @allegrotech @EnvoyProxy @CloudNativeFdn. If you…

Wed Jul 29 14:23:57 2020

Episode #10 of #aroundITin256 #podcast: ‘#HTTP protocol’ is out: This time I explain the differences between HTTP versions, from 1.0 to HTTP/3. Enjoy listening, a new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Jul 28 07:07:20 2020

RT @gunnarmorling: If you’d like to get an overview of the design of @apachekafka in four minutes and a bit, check out @tnurkiewicz’s podca…

Wed Jul 22 07:45:17 2020

Episode #9 of #aroundITin256: ‘Retrying failures’ is out: I find it quite fascinating how many failures in complex systems could be avoided if we simply… tried again. Enjoy listening, a new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Jul 21 21:40:14 2020

RT @adamwarski: Meet Shelly (@shelly_dot_dev), a programming language for drawing.

Thu Jul 16 19:08:18 2020

Episode #8 of #aroundITin256: ‘Kafka’s design’ is out: In this episode I am focusing on the architecture and internals of #Kafka. The best way to understand it is by examining how it works. Enjoy listening, new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Jul 14 22:38:12 2020

We’d love to improve technical recruiting, once and for all. Could you share with us the most loved and hated interviewing experiences you had? RTs are appreciated, maybe your friends have some horror stories?

Mon Jul 13 14:25:14 2020

Episode #7: ‘Speed of light’ is out: It’s not as abstract to us as you might think. If you are deploying to the cloud or if you want to squeeze every bit of performance in your app, it holds you back. Enjoy listening, new topic every Tuesday!

Mon Jul 06 23:24:45 2020

Episode #6: ‘Little’s law’ is out: It’s an astounding equation that’s dead simple, yet it can bring an amazing insight into what your distributed system is capable of. Enjoy listening, new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Jun 30 23:08:42 2020

Replying to @NiestrojRobert and [@kubukoz](

As Jakub already explained, I was talking about small, but complex #GraphQL queries that result in huge response payload. I clarify that in podcast’s newsletter: BTW I use the newsletter to expand topics covered in the podcast:

Fri Jun 19 07:00:29 2020

Episode #5: #asmjs and #WebAssembly is out: Two technologies used to run native code in the browser with great performance. They can be used to run game engines and complex computation on the client. Enjoy listening, new topic every Tuesday!

Tue Jun 16 11:03:10 2020

Episode #4: #serverless is out: Is it the fastest and most cost effective way of deploying your code to the cloud? Feel free to subscribe wherever you get your podcast. Or sign up for a newsletter. Enjoy listening, new topic every Tuesday!

Wed Jun 10 08:38:16 2020

Episode #3: #GraphQL is out: Feel free to subscribe wherever you get your podcast. Or sign up for a newsletter if you’d like longer, extended version of this episode. Enjoy listening, new topic every Tuesday!

Wed Jun 03 23:18:19 2020

I started a podcast called: Around IT In 256 Seconds! For developers, testers, SREs and their managers. I distill and explain complex IT world, one topic at a time, in about 4 minutes. Every Tuesday. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Mon May 25 07:37:11 2020

Muting laptop’s microphone should be uniform and system-wide like turning off speakers. Meanwhile, a cheat sheet:

Microsoft Teams/Skype/Cisco Webex: ⌘ + Shift + M Zoom: ⌘ + Shift + A Google Meet: ⌘ + D Slack/BlueJeans/Messenger: M

Tue May 12 08:48:07 2020

A comprehensive map of all countries that provide paid parental leave. Happy Mother’s Day, especially to women in the United States, Suriname and Papua New Guinea

Sun May 10 21:06:47 2020

My article on visualizing Google location tracking was referenced by The @Telegraph, cool! Unfortunately, behind a paywall:

Sun Apr 05 09:56:28 2020

RT @devskiller: We are happy to announce that @tnurkiewicz will be taking up the Chief Technology Officer position. Tomasz brings his deep…

Tue Mar 31 13:48:58 2020

See how Google is tracking your location. With Python, Jupyter, Pandas, Geopandas and Matplotlib

Mon Mar 30 07:06:08 2020

#GraphQL server in #Java: Part III: Improving concurrency

Mon Mar 23 22:12:28 2020

Replying to @DonkeyTronKilla and [@gsogol](

I appreciate your trust, unfortunately, I have no plans for 2nd edition :-(

Sat Mar 21 23:13:17 2020

RT @KielceJava: Jugowicze,

w trosce o Wasze bezpieczeństwo i zdrowie i by przeciwdziałać rozprzestrzenianiu się wirusa COVID-19, meetupy K…

Mon Mar 16 09:08:45 2020

RT @allegrotech: New episode released - grab it while it’s hot! 🔥 Allegro Tech Podcast #3 - How to become and remain a good developer? @tnu

Mon Mar 09 15:29:32 2020

Replying to @JoeKarlsson1

One more to cover…

Thu Jan 30 15:06:28 2020

RT @AdamBien: “You Are Not Google, Netflix, Facebook” podcast episode with @tnurkiewicz is available:

Sat Jan 04 11:29:35 2020

Ever wondered why Twitter treats this emoji 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 as two characters, but in #Java “👨‍👩‍👧‍👦”.length() says… 11? I’ll be speaking about #Unicode myths at @Jfokus next year, can’t wait! This and much more

Thu Dec 05 20:53:27 2019

When I became a father, I finally have time to watch those hundreds of talks I put for later through many years. How? If you don’t have a baby, simply wake up randomly at night, fire up half-muted YouTube with just one hand, and sway back and forth for 2 hrs while watching

Wed Nov 27 02:25:55 2019

#WeWork is the #Juicero of real estate. Overhyped, overinvested and overpriced. The most mundane business in disguise of a tech startup. Also, just like Juicero, soon to be forgotten in disgrace

Wed Nov 06 14:17:15 2019

#GraphQL server in Java: Part II: Understanding Resolvers

Thu Oct 24 18:45:02 2019

RT @allegrotech: New blog post: Team tourism at Allegro — part 2 — case studies, by @tnurkiewicz @spoozb @lewandm4 and Bartosz Gałek https:…

Mon Oct 14 10:18:08 2019

#GraphQL server in #Java: Part I: Basics

Mon Sep 30 22:47:36 2019

Nagranie z @WarszawaJUG mojej prezentacji o #Unicode, najdłuższa wersja, po polsku:

Tue Jul 30 08:36:02 2019

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Video from my #GeeCON talk about #Unicode:

Mon Jul 29 15:08:14 2019

My take on 10x developer. 2018, before it was cool: (jump to 16:53)

Mon Jul 15 08:48:47 2019

Fallbacks Are Overrated - Architecting For Resilience | #Hystrix #Resilience4J

Wed Jul 10 07:37:35 2019

#IntelliJ trick: to quickly see JavaDoc or source code of all implementations of a certain method (from abstract class or interface), first hit ⌘⌥B to show all of them. Then hit F1 and use arrows to cycle through JavaDocs. Or hit ⌥ space and cycle through all implementations

Mon Jul 08 22:48:45 2019

I was voted The Best Speaker at #GeeCON for my talk about #Unicode! Looking back it’s the 6th Best Speaker award I’ve got (+that one time I was 2nd… d’oh!) Turns out people actually enjoy talks about fundamentals, not only shiny new frameworks. Thank you!

Wed Jul 03 21:13:58 2019

RT @wmekal: @tnurkiewicz I’m amazed! #RzemiosloIT

Sat May 25 11:00:15 2019

RT @programistka: “Charbusters - 10 mitów o Unicode” superprezka by @tnurkiewicz na #RzemiosloIT

Sat May 25 11:00:12 2019

RT @JohnJVester: Recently, @RussellScheerer told me my code comes across as boring. Find out why this is a very good thing in my latest @D

Thu May 23 11:31:10 2019

RT @rotnroll666: I love that talk about a flux of interesting times by @tnurkiewicz which resonates with my last bl…

Mon May 20 13:01:58 2019

Slides from #Unicode talk at #GeeCON, thx for such a crowd to listen about character encoding :-) CC @relizarov

Fri May 17 08:33:32 2019

RT @gr_jasinski: @tnurkiewicz , great talk about Unicode! #geecon #gamechanger

Thu May 16 16:57:07 2019

RT @SzymonPobiega: Gotta love Unicode. Two ways of expressing “ą” #geecon. Great job @tnurkiewicz

Thu May 16 12:12:02 2019

RT @philipp_hauer: I love this honest talk about Reactive Programming by @tnurkiewicz. Blocking code is easy to write, to understand, to de…

Sat May 11 12:32:23 2019

RT @odrotbohm: “Your code should not be interesting.” – @tnurkiewicz

These 80 seconds of presentation are probably going to be my favor…

Sat May 11 12:29:51 2019

RT @jessitron: A definition of done at Microsoft: “Live in production, collecting telemetry that examines the hypothesis which motivated th…

Wed May 01 14:36:47 2019

RT @RZEmiosloIT: Czy wiecie, że jeden symbol w #UTF-32 może zajmować nawet… 28 bajtów? @tnurkiewicz powie nam o tajnikach kodowania znaków…

Tue Apr 30 14:32:18 2019

RT @bsideup: It was nice to talk with @tnurkiewicz and others about Reactive programming and @ProjectReactor at #jpoint :)

A rare moment i…

Wed Apr 10 16:23:13 2019

RT @yatsukav: Reactive programming: lessons learned by Tomasz @tnurkiewicz Nurkiewicz is 💣 💣 💣 #JPoint

Fri Apr 05 14:30:02 2019

RT @bsideup: In his talk, @tnurkiewicz says he misses classic stack traces after going reactive.

Come to my talk at 17:00 to learn how to…

Fri Apr 05 12:40:16 2019

RT @JUGru: @tnurkiewicz, @kohsukekawa, @victorrentea

Fri Apr 05 12:34:43 2019

RT @WarszawaJUG: 250. WJUG - Tomasz Nurkiewicz opowiada o Unicode :)

Tue Apr 02 18:05:30 2019

Replying to @athaylean and @boilingfrogspl](

Świetny cytat, ale raczej nie byłem pierwszy ;-).

Mon Apr 01 11:55:03 2019

RT @WarszawaJUG: Zapraszamy was 2 kwietnia na 250. spotkanie grupy. @tnurkiewicz opowie nam 10 mitów o Unicode. Zapisy:

Tue Mar 26 21:25:17 2019

So I found someone’s slides (on the right) being, I don’t know, heavily inspired (?) by my talk, back from 2016 (left). I guess I’m… flattered? Find the original at

Sun Mar 24 23:17:31 2019

RT @gkotfis: Zapraszam do najnowszego odcinka w którym moim gościem jest @tnurkiewicz. Tomek bardzo Ci dziękuje, że znalazłeś czas i chęć p…

Wed Mar 20 12:06:11 2019

RT @java: “ I don’t often explain a single method in JDK, but when I do, it’s about Map.merge(). “ @tnurkiewicz

#Java #OpenJDK


Mon Mar 18 08:14:55 2019

Slides from my talk at #SegFaultConf: CharBusters: 10 #Unicode myths: (📸 @PawelWlodarski), thx for coming!

Sat Mar 16 10:47:55 2019

RT @odrotbohm: Brilliant talk by @tnurkiewicz on reactive and what to look for in great codebases / code design in general. 👏

Wed Mar 06 08:29:05 2019

Map.merge() - One method to rule them all #Java

Mon Mar 04 09:10:37 2019

RT @collibra: We loved hosting the 10 year anniversary celebration of @WroclawJUG yesterday at our development center in Poland. We were ho…

Wed Feb 27 15:29:13 2019

RT @koziolek: @tnurkiewicz na @WroclawJUG i wątki od podstaw

Tue Feb 26 19:56:50 2019

Designing Data-Intensive Applications by @martinkl: my favourite book of last year |

Mon Feb 25 22:34:22 2019

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

I had a problem so I thought to use #Reactor. Now I have a Flux<Problem> / (fixed typo)

Fri Feb 22 19:03:13 2019

I had a problem so I thought to use #Reactor. Now I have a Flux<Problem>

Fri Feb 22 17:43:36 2019

RT @WroclawJUG: Już niedługo 10 lat @WroclawJUG Z tej okazji zapraszamy na świętowanie i wycieczkę po współbieżnośc…

Fri Feb 08 09:33:07 2019

#RxJava vs #Reactor

Thu Feb 07 22:43:22 2019

RT @SegFaultConf: Jeśli kiedykolwiek użyliście metody String.length() do policzenia długości stringa i wydaje się Wam, że zwraca ona liczbę…

Sat Jan 26 20:20:01 2019

RT @TratifTech: The best explanation of the #CompletableFuture abstraction in Java 8 by @tnurkiewicz. Some articles just don’t age and this…

Mon Jan 14 17:45:14 2019

RT @GeeCON: Welcome aboard @tnurkiewicz! #geecon

Fri Dec 21 03:18:32 2018

RT @SegFaultConf: Subskrybujecie kanał @SegFaultConf na YouTube? 👀 Koniecznie zobaczcie kolejną prezentację z wrocławskiej edycji 👉 @tnurki

Sun Nov 18 09:45:40 2018

RT @JakubPilimon: Please RT. It has been 8 years since my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. People with Parkinson’s disease ha…

Fri Nov 09 09:28:05 2018

RT @arosucojocaru: Great tour on concurrency in Java ecosystem (Java, Groovy, Scala, Clojure) delivered by @tnurkiewicz at @bucharest_jug.…

Tue Nov 06 18:30:53 2018

Small #IntelliJ #IDEA (and other @jetbrains products) tip:

  1. Enable: Settings -> Editor -> General -> Smart Keys -> Surround selection on typing quote or brace
  2. Select some text in the editor
  3. Type any of opening brace, square bracket, parenthesis, single or double quote

Thu Nov 01 10:27:33 2018

RT @rednaxelafx: Monday fun with JIT compilers: a while ago I did some experiments with code generation in Spark SQL, and tried out a few c…

Tue Oct 23 08:09:23 2018

On November 6th I’ll give ‘Tour around concurrency in #Java’ talk at @bucharest_jug: Waitlist is available! Slides:

Mon Oct 22 15:03:36 2018

RT @andrewgdotcom: If #Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear – which would…

Mon Oct 15 09:18:06 2018

RT @RadoslawSzulgo: Nurkiewicz’s curse : may you support interesting codebase. #JDD2018 ⁦@JDD_Krakow⁩

Tue Oct 09 18:43:41 2018

RT @dmydlarz: @tnurkiewicz rants reactive programming 😅 great talk!

Tue Oct 09 15:09:11 2018

RT @fromJuniorDevTo: The #JDD leave the best for the end. Great presentation @tnurkiewicz about “#Reactive programming - lesson learned”,…

Tue Oct 09 15:08:58 2018

Brute-forcing a seemingly simple number puzzle

Wed Sep 26 19:03:44 2018

RT @ramtwits: @tnurkiewicz Your completable future in java 8 was something i believe everyone should watch. Great way to go through that to…

Mon Sep 10 20:53:34 2018

Thread pool self-induced deadlocks Also: celebrating 10 years of my blog! (and 200+ articles since 2008)

Mon Sep 10 06:14:37 2018

RT @GawedaTomasz: One of the best explanations of functor, monad, etc from @tnurkiewicz

  • so from practitioner point of view, not only pu…

Sat Sep 08 21:05:58 2018

RT @allegrotech: Is char enough to represent a letter? 🤔 “10 myths about Unicode” by ⁦@tnurkiewicz⁩ #atm11

Thu Sep 06 14:52:05 2018

RT @qrush: “how many layers of agile are you on?” “like maybe 5 or 6 right now, we use trello, do standup” “you are like a little baby, wat…

Thu Aug 23 09:13:54 2018

If human body was designed in a way that most #microservices architectures are, a broken ankle would always result in sudden death. By suffocation. Of the whole family. And the death of seemingly random strangers around

Thu Aug 23 06:42:02 2018

Wycieczka po współbieżności w Javie - moja prezentacja z Hackin’ Gliwice, 🇵🇱:

Mon Aug 20 22:16:22 2018

RT @JDD_Krakow: Meet #JDD2018 keynote #speaker:

🔥current #Java champion, Tomek Nurkiewicz 🔥

He spent half of his life on programming, for…

Fri Aug 17 09:32:13 2018

Verifying myself: I am nurkiewicz on YbFoxiBeWQDogpv6242eiENCgsZVt53jE8fm /

Thu Aug 09 20:10:04 2018

RT @JakubWincewicz: Mam ogromną przyjemność polecić podcast z @tnurkiewicz, na który dziś się natknąłem. Niby o Reactive Programming, ale…

Wed Aug 08 14:06:37 2018

RT @bITconf_pl: #prelegent @bITconf_pl !

Tomasz Nurkiewicz ( @tnurkiewicz ) - od 10 lat w okolicach Javy. Rozczarowany jakością tworzonego…

Mon Jul 30 12:49:28 2018

RT @SegFaultConf: Czas na prezentację kolejnego prelegenta @SegFaultConf we Wrocławiu! 👍 @tnurkiewicz podzieli się własnymi doświadczeniam…

Mon Jul 16 07:17:23 2018

Replying to @hamen

I hope you (and your dog) enjoyed it ;-)

Sun Jul 15 16:29:34 2018

Video of my talk: #Reactive programming: lessons learned, from @ReactSphere:

Wed Jul 11 19:08:36 2018

Replying to @shibbow and [@prondzyn](

Slides from my talk at #infoShare about #reactive programming:, I’ll let you know once the video is available

Wed May 23 13:25:11 2018

RT @prondzyn: Listening how @tnurkiewicz is sharing his experience with #reactive programming.

#infoShare #infoShare2018

Tue May 22 15:05:02 2018

#Bitcoin uses 20% more energy every month, or 900% (1.2^12) every year. By 2021 it will consume all the world’s electricity (currently 0.5%). By 2036 we will have to travel to other solar systems to pay using it. In two decades all energy generated by the Sun will not suffice

Fri May 18 20:21:24 2018

Replying to @Java_Champions, @theNeomatrix369, @saturnism, @juliendubois, @noctarius2k, @ivan_stefanov, @manicode, @jfarcand and @danielbryantuk](

Being chosen one of the ~250 #Java Champions out of ten million Java developers is quite an honour. But also a responsibility to keep giving back to this wonderful community. Thank you, everyone, for this warm welcome!

Wed May 09 22:45:52 2018

RT @Java_Champions: We are delighted to welcome new Java Champions @theNeomatrix369 @saturnism @juliendubois @noctarius2k @ivan_stefanov…

Mon May 07 21:55:57 2018

RT @mariofusco: “a library that makes those stupid tests for you” is probably one of the best definition of what a statically typed languag…

Mon May 07 07:20:41 2018

RT @adamwarski: Event sourcing using @apachekafka #eventsourcing #kafka

Fri Apr 27 15:14:19 2018

RT @JakubPilimon: Gosh! My first article published at! If you want to read about tackling software with @springclou

Wed Apr 25 16:34:45 2018

Sneak peek at spring-cloud-function #serverless project

Fri Apr 20 07:34:28 2018

Replying to @adamwarski and [@ReactSphere](

The talk was about using reactive approach only when necessary, not about verbose syntax. For more context, the talk was recorded and should be available. Also, I read your blog and fully agree :-).

Wed Apr 18 22:22:46 2018

Slides from my @ReactSphere keynote “#Reactive programming: Lessons learned”

Tue Apr 17 08:54:55 2018

RT @ReactSphere: What we have learned about #reactiveprogramming keynote of @tnurkiewicz #reactive #ReactSphere

Tue Apr 17 08:48:40 2018

RT @b0rk: an amazing directory: /proc

Tue Apr 03 13:28:53 2018

Slides from my talk “Tour around concurrency in #Java” at #HackinGliwice |

Mon Apr 02 09:40:24 2018

RT @JakubPilimon: I am thrillered to announce that today is my first day as Spring Developer Advocate @Pivotal! Can’t wait for the upcoming…

Mon Mar 26 10:32:25 2018

RT @TorunJUG: Przypominamy prezentację @tnurkiewicz który startuje w plebistycie na #PrelegentRoku2017 Toruń JUG:…

Tue Mar 06 22:03:46 2018

RT @ReactSphere: Our next Keynote Speaker is @tnurkiewicz. Find out more about his #ReactiveProgramming experiences

Mon Mar 05 13:53:00 2018

RT @infosharepl: In 2018 we’ll have 3 tech stages with 8 theme blocks – Security, Java, Front-end, Blockchain, DevOps, Cloud, Machine learn…

Sat Feb 17 11:40:50 2018

RT @Sygyzmundovych: Next #HackinGliwice hosted by @SAPHybris is coming to the town on Mar 15th and it will be all about #GoLang and #Java t…

Fri Feb 16 08:57:53 2018

#Reactive #emoji tracker with #WebClient and #Reactor: aggregating data

Tue Feb 06 23:32:19 2018

RT @pragmatists: Developers (mis)understanding, not expert knowledge gets deployed to production @ziobrando

Sat Feb 03 11:44:26 2018

Reactive #emoji tracker with #WebClient and #Reactor: consuming #SSE CC @emojitracker

Fri Feb 02 00:13:10 2018

#Spring #Boot 2: Fluxes, from #Elasticsearch to controller

Wed Jan 24 22:59:49 2018

#Spring #Boot 2: Migrating from #Dropwizard metrics to #Micrometer

Mon Jan 22 18:31:49 2018

Monitoring and measuring reactive application with Dropwizard Metrics

Mon Jan 15 23:51:14 2018

Chcesz pomóc w leczeniu noworodków i przy okazji nauczyć się czegoś pożytecznego? W tym roku mam zaszczyt wspomóc #WOŚP z moim szkoleniem z #RxJava: Chętnie poprowadzę dla większych grup bądź firm!

Sat Jan 13 18:45:37 2018

RT @kprzygudzki: It’s been a real pleasure to learn about #RxJava from @tnurkiewicz at the @AllegroTechBlog Workshop Thanks so much, guys!…

Sat Jan 13 18:01:17 2018

RT @AllegroTechBlog: What is the best way to learn RxJava? We know the answer! All you need is experienced tutor, good company and great at…

Sat Jan 13 16:36:42 2018

#Spring, #Reactor and #ElasticSearch: bechmarking with fake test data

Fri Jan 12 06:11:19 2018

#Spring, #Reactor and #ElasticSearch: from callbacks to reactive streams

Wed Jan 10 00:00:09 2018

RT @ReactSphere: Meet @tnurkiewicz He is an #rxjava author who loves back-end and #data visualization. Can’t wait for his talk @ReactSphere

Wed Dec 13 16:10:27 2017

RT @JavaDayUA: #JavaDayUA2017: Asynchronous by default, synchronous when neсessary @tnurkiewicz

Wed Dec 06 14:40:53 2017

Słowniczek angielsko 🇬🇧 - polski 🇵🇱 dla programistów:

Sat Nov 25 23:12:44 2017

Thank you @heinzkabutz and @AllegroTechBlog for three days of Extreme #Java - Concurrency Performance workshop, I learnt a lot!

Sun Nov 19 19:39:07 2017

RT @JavaDayUA: We are happy to publish Top Rated #JavaDayUA2017 talks

Tue Nov 14 17:31:55 2017

RT @smcvbeelen: Checkin out @tnurkiewicz his talk @ #JavaDayUA2017; very interesting, including a mention of @axon_iq its EventStore! https…

Sat Nov 04 11:30:23 2017

RT @avadhootComp: @tnurkiewicz thanks for the Live training on RxJava. I learned a lot!

Thu Oct 26 08:00:11 2017

RT @JakubPilimon: I’m honoured to announce that I will be speaking about reactive events with Mr. “Cloud Native” @kennybastani at @s1p http…

Tue Oct 17 12:09:34 2017

RT @tmatyashovsky: @tnurkiewicz speaks about pitfalls of distributed systems at #javaone

Tue Oct 03 22:06:55 2017

My session at #JavaOne2017 about event sourcing is on Tuesday, feel free to catch me during the conference!

Sun Oct 01 20:05:55 2017

Idiomatic concurrency: flatMap() vs. parallel() - #RxJava FAQ

Thu Sep 14 08:11:02 2017

Detecting and testing stalled stream - #RxJava FAQ

Mon Sep 11 07:26:18 2017

Fixed-rate vs. fixed-delay - #RxJava FAQ

Thu Sep 07 08:49:02 2017

RT @TorunJUG: Toruń JUG #32 - “Asynchronous by default, synchronous when necessary” - Tomasz Nurkiewicz (@tnurkiewicz)

Wed Sep 06 09:57:12 2017

RT @Hibernate: Meet Jakub Kubryński ( @jkubrynski ), software developer, blogger, conference speaker, and @Hibernate aficionado.


Wed Sep 06 08:22:54 2017

Streaming large JSON file with Jackson - #RxJava FAQ

Mon Sep 04 06:49:51 2017

Loading files with backpressure - #RxJava FAQ |

Thu Aug 31 19:39:49 2017

RT @ryan0x44: I can’t help but look at Bitcoin mines and find myself disgusted at how wasteful and pointless the whole thing seems https://…

Fri Aug 25 08:26:17 2017

Generating backpressure-aware streams with Flowable.generate() - #RxJava FAQ

Thu Aug 17 20:59:16 2017

1.x to 2.x migration: Observable vs. Observable: #RxJava FAQ

Mon Aug 14 20:41:06 2017

flatMap() and the order of events - #RxJava FAQ

Mon Aug 07 07:24:16 2017

flatMap() vs. concatMap() vs. concatMapEager() - #RxJava FAQ |

Thu Aug 03 22:28:25 2017

Eager subscription - #RxJava FAQ |

Mon Jul 31 19:02:47 2017

RT @medtek: This is quite good. #homeopathy

Mon Jul 31 17:44:39 2017

Amazing @JCreteUnconf with @psciezka, enlightened by @cliff_click, @mjpt777, @kcpeppe, @benevans, @kittylyst, @mariofusco. Photo from Balos

Mon Jul 24 21:10:50 2017

I’ll speak about event sourcing at #JavaOne this year. Great news while I’m at @JCreteUnconf |

Wed Jul 19 21:15:08 2017

RT @ntsakas: Who would have thought that a reactive HTTP server with RxJava takes so few lines of code? by @tnurki

Sun Jul 09 22:33:53 2017

RT @eduardsi: Great presentation! Dependency inversion at the architecture level. Thanks @tnurkiewicz

Wed Jun 21 10:03:56 2017

Video of my talk “Asynchronous by default, synchronous when necessary” from #infoShare

Tue Jun 20 17:12:31 2017

RT @cjcrompton: How to make your tables less terrible - in a gif. I have no idea who made this (thank you), but it’s brilliantly handy. ht…

Fri Jun 16 08:35:16 2017

RT @zeroturnaround: So much #Java expertise in one place at the @GeekOutEE speakers dinner! #GeekOutEE

Thu Jun 08 06:10:25 2017

RT @mariofusco: As a

software developer,

I want to

throw away user stories and all other Agile bullshits

so that

I’ll have time to get…

Fri May 19 08:38:36 2017

Sources from my live coding session at #infoShare yesterday: See you today at Tech Stage at my event sourcing talk

Thu May 18 08:07:26 2017

RT @kgoleb: Great introduction to RxJava by @tnurkiewicz at #infoshare

Wed May 17 17:51:57 2017

RT @lidderupk: @tnurkiewicz thanks for all the great info on #rxjava on @safari. Really helped me get started on reactive programming !

Thu May 11 22:47:09 2017

Official #Korean translation of our #RxJava book is out, thanks to Intae Kim. More languages to come!

Thu Apr 27 23:01:43 2017

RT @TorunJUG: 32. spotkanie #TorunJUG już 26.04.2017 - Wystąpią: @marstrzelecki @tnurkiewicz #bigdata #spark #async…

Sat Apr 15 17:42:55 2017

RT @ABuckman32: @tnurkiewicz great session today @OReillyMedia conference! Excellent model & thought-provoking. Can WWW work this way? SHOU…

Tue Apr 04 22:10:13 2017

RT @maniserowicz: Nowy @devtalkpl, EP53: @maniserowicz z @tnurkiewicz o #reactive programming!

#devtalk #devstyle…

Mon Apr 03 09:48:29 2017

RT @ragunathjawahar: Getting started with #RxJava? Look no further, get this book #AndroidDev. Good work @tnurkiewicz & @benjchristensen ht…

Sun Apr 02 13:05:46 2017

Would #Heartbleed and #Cloudbleed have ever happened if they had been run in managed environment like #JVM or #CLR?

Tue Mar 21 20:03:24 2017

RT @WarszawaJUG: Podsumowanie prelegentów dwustu spotkań WJUG-a, @jaceklaskowski @tnurkiewicz @jkubrynski @jnabrdalik @szimano @koziolek ht…

Wed Mar 15 09:44:43 2017

RT @tomaszrykala: Finished the book! Absolutely fantastic, one of best I’ve read. Congrats @tnurkiewicz 👏

Wed Mar 15 09:15:21 2017

Beware of slow transaction callbacks in #Spring

Mon Mar 13 08:22:03 2017

RT @AllegroTechBlog: 200th @WarszawaJUG meetup: @tnurkiewicz on stage: “Asynchronous by default, synchronous when necessary“

Mon Mar 06 18:44:54 2017

RT @wololock: Next @Java_Champions (I hope!) @tnurkiewicz about distributed applications #WarszawaJUG #java #rxjava #microservices https://…

Mon Mar 06 18:42:02 2017

RT @WarszawaJUG: Na naszym jubileuszowym spotkaniu numer 200 będzie można zdobyć jedną z książek naszych prelegentów @KevlinHenney oraz @tn

Tue Feb 28 16:29:20 2017

RT @wendigo: #rxjava 2 workshops @AllegroTechBlog by @tnurkiewicz

Tue Feb 28 12:38:18 2017

RT @mpidev: My short review of Reactive Programming with RxJava by @tnurkiewicz and @benjchristensen Really liked this book.…

Thu Feb 23 12:11:24 2017

RT @WarszawaJUG: Świętujemy nasze spotkanie nr #200, Zobacz @KevlinHenney, @tnurkiewicz, @maniserowicz @gosubpl na jednej scenie! https://t…

Tue Feb 21 23:03:25 2017

RT @rpattabi: @tnurkiewicz Started reading ur RxJava book. A relief to finally find a wonderfully written book on this complex topic. Thank…

Sat Feb 11 16:15:20 2017

Thank you @mjpt777 and @AllegroTechBlog for 3 days of intensive low-level #Java performance workshop, I learned a lot!

Thu Feb 02 08:35:23 2017

RT @sprzedwojski: Very inspiring meetup yesterday at @AllegroTechBlog’s new awesome HQ. Thank you @tnurkiewicz and @mjpt777 for great talks!

Thu Jan 26 14:04:28 2017

RT @mkolodziejski: @AllegroTechBlog @tnurkiewicz Thank You for the speech at yesterday’s Meetup. What an inspiration!

Thu Jan 26 14:04:20 2017

RT @infosharepl: Tomasz Nurkiewicz, @tnurkiewicz - Java top notch expert will speak at infoShare 2017. See you in @gdansk, book the date: 1…

Thu Jan 19 10:09:41 2017

RT @lukaszbyjos: Świetna prezka!! @tnurkiewicz dziękI! Dowiedziałem się nowych rzeczy!:)

Sat Jan 14 17:45:38 2017

Thoughts after #JCrete unconference

Fri Jan 13 22:32:45 2017

RT @AllegroTechBlog: Come and join us: first Allegro Tech Talks meetup in new office - Q22, Warsaw:

Fri Jan 13 20:48:00 2017

RT @nofluffjobs: Software Engineer @allegrotechblog Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków, Poland 8.0k-14.0k PLN / Month

Tue Jan 03 10:31:55 2017

I will give ‘Asynchronous by Default, Synchronous When Necessary’ talk at #OReillySACon this April in #NewYork |

Tue Dec 27 15:24:48 2016

RT @bartczakt: Our case study - my article on using deep learning in image processing @AllegroTechBlog

Mon Dec 19 16:32:07 2016

RT @rekurencja: Best article I’ve seen explaining monads without sitting on a high horse of abstract theory przez @…

Sun Dec 18 12:18:07 2016

RT @AndriiRodionov: ‘Functional Programming in Pure Java: Functor and Monad’ Will definitely read @tnurkiewicz boo…

Fri Dec 16 17:34:03 2016

Unedited feedback after my #RxJava workshop at #QConSF

Wed Dec 07 00:39:26 2016

I got very good feedback after my #RxJava talk at #DevTernity. Thank you @eduardsi for inviting me!

Wed Dec 07 00:19:31 2016

Replying to @AlbertVilaCalvo and [@benjchristensen](

I removed it from book… and published on my blog:

Thu Dec 01 20:45:17 2016

Source code from my #RxJava live-coding session at #devternity:

Thu Dec 01 16:25:22 2016

RT @j_u_s_h: The book has already helped me a lot, I bet having access to the examples directly is gonna be super useful

Thu Dec 01 12:33:47 2016

Due to a popular demand I published all examples from our #RxJava book: - 6000+ lines of code!

Thu Dec 01 08:52:53 2016

Replying to @jnabrdalik and [@WarszawaJUG](

Thank you! Source code written during this session:

Wed Nov 30 22:31:03 2016

RT @t_kopczynski: Great talk yesterday by @tnurkiewicz on @WarszawaJUG Learned a lot from this 2-hour long live coding session #RxJava

Wed Nov 30 08:28:02 2016

RT @AllegroTechBlog: On Nov. 29th @tnurkiewicz will speak at @WarszawaJUG and demonstrate how to apply #RxJava to existing apps. Live codin…

Wed Nov 23 17:37:06 2016

Source code from my #RxJava live-coding session at #jetconf in Minsk:

Sat Nov 19 10:37:51 2016

RT @xeraa: rxjava with @tnurkiewicz at @jetconf - so much fancy stuff 😉

Sat Nov 19 10:33:14 2016

RT @dastefanski: - highly recommended #RxJava live coding by @tnurkiewicz. Examples with Camel are great.

Thu Nov 17 18:28:05 2016

RT @jhusain: Great new book by @tnurkiewicz and my former colleague and developer of RxJava @benjchristensen. Nice work guys!

Thu Nov 03 16:39:47 2016

RT @ntsakas: I read 3 other books and got 0 knowledge,just marbles.this is THE ONE book to get you from 0 to 1 in RxJava.It will become cla…

Mon Oct 31 22:53:38 2016

RT @praveergupta: @tnurkiewicz - it is a great book with very good examples… Thanks

Sat Oct 29 06:37:34 2016

Reactive Programming with #RxJava book published

Fri Oct 28 10:30:40 2016

Replying to @nksaroj

The #RxJava book covers 1.x version. Keep in mind that 2.x is not yet released. Moreover 90% of the material is still applicable

Mon Oct 24 20:41:17 2016

RT @benjchristensen: “Reactive Programming with RxJava” by @tnurkiewicz with @OReillyMedia

Sun Oct 23 15:04:09 2016

RT @JakubPilimon: Event sourcing with CQRS sample revisited

Sat Oct 22 18:34:06 2016

RT @devternity: Welcome 🇵🇱 Tomasz Nurkiewicz with his practical, reactive live-coding session! #rxjava #reactive @tnurkiewicz

Mon Oct 17 07:02:51 2016

RT @maneo: King of live coding on stage - @tnurkiewicz in action, for the first time in @AllegroTechBlog T-shirt :-) #jugtoberfest #poznanj…

Thu Oct 13 21:43:09 2016

Small scale stream processing kata. Part 2: #RxJava 1.x/2.x

Thu Oct 13 17:44:05 2016

Small scale stream processing kata. Part 1: thread pools

Tue Oct 11 14:05:05 2016

My #RxJava workshop at #QConSF sold out very quickly, thus it will be repeated the next day. See you there!

Tue Oct 11 13:32:10 2016

RT @GFT_Polska: See you in Łódź tomorrow; next week: #JUGtoberfest Poznan with @poznanjug & GFT! Starring Krystian Nowak @mmatloka @j_palka

Wed Oct 05 12:19:07 2016

“Don’t Build a Distributed Monolith” by @benjchristensen, great talk about mistakes in microservice architectures

Thu Sep 29 11:58:59 2016

RT @BartoszWalacik: Our biggest publication so far: Performance and Availability pitfalls in the Microservices Architecture — CQK Top 10 ht…

Fri Sep 23 08:27:58 2016

RT @bijukunjummen: @tnurkiewicz @benjchristensen-thought I knew a lot about #rxjava, learning so much more from your “Rx Programming with R…

Thu Sep 15 06:00:01 2016

Code I wrote during my session at #GeeCON #Reactive:, all my talks available at

Fri Sep 09 15:06:29 2016

Code I wrote during my “#RxJava in legacy projects” talk at #JavaZone: as well as recording:

Fri Sep 09 15:00:47 2016

RT @akarnokd: Great talk about using RxJava and even no mention of create()!

Fri Sep 09 12:49:11 2016

RT @michalgruca: fun but very educative talk by @tnurkiewicz on #geecon On one go we are covering best practices of #reactive , thread pool…

Fri Sep 09 12:45:55 2016

RT @supach: @tnurkiewicz had 1 slide. Rest is live coding. Awesome! #geecon #reactive

Fri Sep 09 12:45:18 2016

RT @arekczarny: Been waiting 4 this #coding #session #rxJava at @GeeCON #reactive by @tnurkiewicz

Fri Sep 09 12:39:09 2016

RT @michalgruca: As usual, @tnurkiewicz rocks on stage with live coding #geecon #reactive #rxJava

Fri Sep 09 12:38:18 2016

RT @DJCordhose: Outstanding talk at #JavaZone by @tnurkiewicz, also available as a book

Thu Sep 08 12:24:12 2016

RT @nachkonvention: You actually wrote 200+ loc live in your RxJava talk. Mind blown, I salute you @tnurkiewicz #JavaZone

Thu Sep 08 12:22:56 2016

RT @jkubrynski: My #JPA talk has been rated the best talk at @confiturapl 2016. Thanks! Glad that @tnurkiewicz wasn’t speaking this year :)…

Wed Aug 31 07:58:02 2016

I will give ‘Beginning #RxJava’ workshop at #QConSF. See you in San Francisco! Thanks @ktosopl for recommending me |

Thu Aug 18 16:01:43 2016

I quit answering on #StackOverflow 3 yrs ago with 100K rep. Now it’s 200K doing nothing. Top reply? IDE shortcut…

Tue Aug 16 13:16:12 2016

RT @DZone: Guide to Time and Date in Java (Part One) via #MVB @tnurkiewicz #Java #applications

Sun Aug 14 22:52:23 2016

Guide to time and date in #Java |

Fri Aug 05 09:00:34 2016

Almost whole #RxJava book (350+ pages) available. New material covers: #Camel, #Android, #MongoDB, #Hystrix and more

Wed Aug 03 11:34:22 2016

RT @heinzkabutz: RxJava, Vert.x, Reactive Systems, Reactive Programming, Functional Reactive, very cool!!! @tnurkiewicz #jcrete #java https…

Mon Aug 01 09:25:43 2016

I was voted best speaker at #confiturapl 2015 conference, thx! Awarded talk (in Polish):

Thu Jul 07 17:57:15 2016

6 out of 9 chapters of our #RxJava book available, covering fully reactive stacks with #RxNetty and backpressure:

Mon Jul 04 20:45:14 2016

RT @se_thinking: FP in Pure Java: Functor and Monad Examples - -A great read for the functional-curious - Thank you…

Wed Jun 29 18:22:30 2016

RT @bradurani: Best monad tutorial I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot). No burritos 🌯

Functors and Monads in plain Java…

Sun Jun 26 05:48:14 2016

Functor and monad examples in plain #Java |

Thu Jun 23 21:07:57 2016

RT @GeeCON: Join @graham_jp @ktosopl @smaldini @tnurkiewicz at GeeCON #Reactive in Sopot 9th Sept! Registration:

Mon Jun 20 12:36:02 2016

I’m speaking at #JavaZone this year. Expect an hour of live coding with #RxJava in the context of legacy systems. See you in Oslo!

Wed Jun 08 09:04:24 2016

RT @ldziedziul: @tnurkiewicz presentation mentioned as the best one about Completable Future @spring_io #springio16

Thu May 19 20:57:49 2016

Thx @gregyoung and @4financeIT for 3 days of awesome training on #CQRS and event sourcing. Motto: push data by default, pull when justified

Sun May 08 21:35:50 2016

Early release of our #RxJava book is out: First 4 chapters, meanwhile 7/8 already written, will be published soon

Fri May 06 16:56:15 2016

RT @dgomesbr: CompletableFuture presentation by @tnurkiewicz #jokerconf

Mon May 02 13:26:28 2016

30 years ago #Chernobyl disaster occurred due to unrealistic deadlines, going live without safety features and testing on production

Mon Apr 25 22:01:27 2016

RT @JakubPilimon: a few words about domain events publishing

Sun Apr 24 06:38:40 2016

Replying to @jponge

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. Source code written during my #mixit16 session: #RxJava

Thu Apr 21 19:38:07 2016

RT @PawelWlodarski: Java 8 workshop by @tnurkiewicz @juglodz

Sat Apr 09 10:39:13 2016

Going through technical review of our #RxJava book from @venkat_s and @akarnokd. In-depth comments make me feel really humble. Thank you!

Sun Apr 03 14:10:54 2016

RT @CezaryDraus: @tnurkiewicz will perform #java8 workshops on 9 April at @juglodz meeting. Looking forward to be there!

Tue Mar 22 12:17:08 2016

RT @charlesweird: Nice read! Introduction to writing custom collectors in Java 8 by @tnurkiewicz #JavaStream #Java…

Fri Feb 26 19:57:42 2016

Remarkable talk about history, politics and #NASA’s space exploration by @carverstephen from #gotober |

Mon Feb 22 21:42:37 2016

Undeniably writing is faster in dynamic languages. Static ones are easier to read and reason. We spend most time reading code. Do the math

Mon Feb 08 18:18:31 2016

RT @edwardjbeckett: Nice… gotta get a hold of … anything @tnurkiewicz writes…

Wed Feb 03 22:32:35 2016

Early release of our #RxJava book in a month or two: And @headinthebox will write foreword!

Wed Feb 03 20:17:59 2016

RT @jmbroad: Never attribute to stupidity that which can be adequately explained by your own ignorance of another’s decision-making context.

Mon Feb 01 16:38:55 2016

@ddd_eu is over. I enjoyed talk by @cyriux and workshop led by @yreynhout about projections the most. Thank you @4financeIT

Sat Jan 30 12:17:18 2016

Proud to be voted best speaker of 2015 at @juglodz, thank you!

Fri Jan 22 21:57:46 2016

I’m going to @JCreteUnconf this year, thank you @heinzkabutz and @jkost7 for an invitation.

Fri Jan 15 15:29:04 2016

RT @nipafx: “Which thread executes CompletableFuture’s tasks and callbacks?” by @tnurkiewicz Excellent as usual.

Mon Jan 11 00:48:46 2016

RT @juglodz: Najelpszym prelegentem 2015 na juglodz @tnurkiewicz! Gratulujemy

Sun Jan 10 23:28:27 2016

I bought fake 100€ ticket from a fraud via @Ticketbis. I got full refund from them with help from @TicketproPolska and @Agencja_GoAhead Thx!

Thu Jan 07 21:19:03 2016

RT @steve_objectify: One day I’m going to google Java-related and not find the answer on @tnurkiewicz’s blog.

But not this day.

Wed Dec 23 07:17:20 2015

Which thread executes #CompletableFuture’s tasks and callbacks? |

Mon Nov 30 08:01:29 2015

RT @plamere: @tnurkiewicz thanks for your nifty Definitive guide to CompletableFuture. Helped me get up to speed after being away from Jav…

Fri Nov 27 14:23:57 2015

Replying to @cbeust

On #YouTube Use K for pause, J and L for 10 seconds backward/forward and F for fullscreen. Also digits 1-9 to quickly jump

Thu Nov 12 07:11:44 2015

#Linux unable to boot in #SKM train in #Warsaw |

Wed Nov 11 14:11:50 2015

My talk about #Hystrix was voted 5th best at #jokerconf, right after @starbuxman, @shipilev, @venkat_s and @jekaborisov. Thx for having me!

Sat Nov 07 22:04:13 2015

RT @MGrzejszczak: I’m really happy to announce that I’m joining @pivotal at @SpringCloudOSS !!! :) @david_syer @spencerbgibb @starbuxman @b

Fri Nov 06 15:57:08 2015

Moja prezentacja ‘Czego Javowiec nauczy się od Haskella?’ z #Confiturapl 2015 |, wg uczestników najlepsza w tym roku

Wed Nov 04 07:42:00 2015

#GeeCON programming contest answers | | CC @4financeIT

Tue Oct 27 11:16:41 2015

RT @igotsideburns: @tnurkiewicz that was awesome! Great format: concise and clear.

Fri Oct 16 15:22:04 2015

RT @ivanenok: there are different points of view on CompletableFuture by @tnurkiewicz #jokerconf

Fri Oct 16 13:55:30 2015

RT @JUGru: Live coding by @tnurkiewicz! #jokerconf #java

Fri Oct 16 13:55:19 2015

RT @igotsideburns: #jokerconf @tnurkiewicz no slides! Just code!

Fri Oct 16 13:55:15 2015

Flying to Saint Petersburg to give two talks tomorrow at #JokerConf: about #CompletableFuture and #Hystrix. See you there!

Thu Oct 15 07:54:17 2015

Concurrency on the #JVM: Beyond Thread.start() |

Tue Oct 13 05:46:03 2015

I’m writing a book on #RxJava with @benjchristensen for @OReillyMedia, targeting summer next year. Any ideas are welcome!

Mon Oct 12 17:02:48 2015

RT @starbuxman: interesting post from 2013 by @tnurkiewicz on synchronizing transactions with asynchronous events in Spring…

Mon Oct 12 05:43:31 2015

RT @dawidkublik: Curious how #springboot registers ds, txMngr and entityMngr beans behind the curtains? Check

Sun Oct 11 18:13:59 2015

#Spock VW: writing custom #SpockFramework extensions |

Thu Oct 08 19:28:16 2015

I just noticed that my talk was voted best at #GeekOutEE this year, thank you! | |

Wed Oct 07 19:12:43 2015

RT @juglodz: Nagranie prezentacji “CompletableFuture i nie tylko – programowanie reaktywne w Javie” @tnurkiewicz

Sat Oct 03 16:34:49 2015

RT @PawelWlodarski: Reactive Java by @tnurkiewicz @juglodz

Thu Oct 01 21:14:38 2015

RT @juglodz: On october 1st @tnurkiewicz will present “CompletableFuture - asynchronous programming in Java” - :

Tue Sep 22 18:08:40 2015

RT @trzmiel: Googling for async timeouts with CompletableFuture, of course the first result is from @tnurkiewicz. Great job!

Mon Sep 14 12:40:38 2015

I didn’t go to #JavaZone but my blog was there, during @fredriv’s talk (42:30): :-). Thx @ulagrochowska for spotting

Sat Sep 12 20:23:41 2015

RT @baeldung: There is cool, and then there is cool. And this is just plain cool: - by @tnurkiewicz

Thu Sep 03 20:15:56 2015

Displaying progress of #Spring application startup in web browser |

Tue Sep 01 22:07:58 2015

Dependency injection: syntax sugar over function composition |

Mon Aug 31 17:37:23 2015

RT @clemensv: For systems made of dozens of microservices, stringing call chains across those w/o temporal decoupling is reliability/availa…

Wed Aug 19 05:31:14 2015

“the best introduction to macros I’ve ever read, and the reasoning and syntax is finally starting to make sense” |

Wed Aug 05 06:46:10 2015

Testing server faults with #Wiremock | | via @allegrotechblog

Tue Aug 04 07:14:47 2015

RT @gregyoung: This is the worst article I have read this year its just wow in its misunderstandings of things.

Thu Jul 30 06:58:13 2015

Server-sent events with #RxJava and SseEmitter | | #Spring #SSE

Wed Jul 29 22:02:31 2015

Memory leak on my blog fixed. @GooglePlus comments turned off: from 500 to 85 MiB and much faster page load time |

Tue Jul 28 20:15:03 2015

Notes after GOTO Amsterdam (@GOTOamst) | | courtesy of @4FinanceIT

Mon Jul 27 19:41:09 2015

Replying to @mostruszka

No plans for follow-up yet. But I’d love to hear other people’s experiences. And no, #SOAP is not an alternative, @jzadrag :-)

Fri Jul 24 06:40:38 2015

RESTful considered harmful |

Thu Jul 23 22:24:43 2015

RT @tmdp76: Nice article by @tnurkiewicz

Tue Jul 21 20:50:53 2015

RT @0r81t: @tnurkiewicz it was really great talk. Thanks for that!

Tue Jul 21 07:44:16 2015

“What #Java devs can learn from #Haskell” voted best talk at #confiturapl. I’m a best speaker for the 2nd time. Thx!

Mon Jul 20 20:48:00 2015

Consuming java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue as rx.Observable #RxJava |

Wed Jul 15 18:27:14 2015

Replying to @talios

This plugin for @intellijidea is “Presentation Assistant”. Thanks for watching!

Wed Jul 15 07:30:15 2015

Video of my “#Hystrix: managing failures in distributed systems” talk from @Atmosphereconf |

Thu Jul 09 21:25:57 2015

Writing a download server. Part VI (last): Describe what you send (Content-type, |

Wed Jul 08 21:29:29 2015

RT @programistamag: #Hazelcast w aktualnym wydaniu “@programistamag @tnurkiewicz #java

Wed Jul 08 18:02:10 2015

Writing a download server. Part V: Throttle download speed

Mon Jul 06 17:47:34 2015

RT @DBacinski: @wendigo @ktosopl @tnurkiewicz świetne prezentacje na @confiturapl !

Sun Jul 05 19:09:42 2015

Slajdy z mojej prezentacji “Czego Javowiec nauczy się od Haskella?” na #confiturapl |

Sun Jul 05 09:44:29 2015

RT @MarcinStachniuk: Thanks @confiturapl for conference. Best talk made @tnurkiewicz

Sun Jul 05 09:12:58 2015

RT @andrzej_bobak: A serious warning from @tnurkiewicz “everytime you use a dot in your code you’re risking a null pointer exception” :) #c…

Sat Jul 04 20:52:07 2015

RT @bartekzdanowski: @tnurkiewicz on stage. #confiturapl

Sat Jul 04 20:51:53 2015

Writing a download server. Part IV: Implement HEAD operation (efficiently) |

Thu Jul 02 21:41:48 2015

I got “Easiest Person to Work With” award, voted by other @4financeIT employees - and Apple Watch gift. Thank you!

Thu Jul 02 18:14:39 2015

RT @kszdev: Released micro-infra-spring v. 0.9.0 // cc @4financeIT

Thu Jul 02 09:23:49 2015

Nagranie z mojej prezentacji o #Hystrix na @WarszawaJUG |

Thu Jul 02 06:05:28 2015

RT @yfain: @tnurkiewicz Great job on explaining a complex subject in a simple way!

Wed Jul 01 16:34:14 2015

Video of my talk about #CompletableFuture in #Java8 at #GeekOutEE 2015:

Wed Jul 01 08:22:49 2015

Writing a download server. Part III: headers: Content-length and Range |

Mon Jun 29 20:47:56 2015

Writing a download server. Part II: headers: Last-Modified, ETag and If-None-Match |

Wed Jun 24 22:05:49 2015

Functional programming by @gregyoung - talk everyone else wishes to give. Best one on #DevoxxPL, no matter who talks tomorrow. Breathtaking

Tue Jun 23 13:22:30 2015

RT @michalgruca: Only on #DevoxxPL @tnurkiewicz coding like a boss with one hand with mic in the other one

Tue Jun 23 09:55:47 2015

RT @pfeiffer_d_: @tnurkiewicz demoing #hystrix at #DevoxxPL . You do not want to ddos your own infrastructure utilizing your users.

Tue Jun 23 09:55:42 2015

RT @pawelstawicki: Very informative presentation about hystrix by @tnurkiewicz Pure code #DevoxxPL

Tue Jun 23 09:55:39 2015

Writing a download server. Part I: Always stream, never keep fully in memory

Mon Jun 22 22:08:19 2015

Got feedback after my CompletableFuture session at #GeekOutEE. It was an amazing event, I’m so happy I was part of it

Sun Jun 21 11:51:48 2015

RT @AndriiRodionov: @tnurkiewicz talking about #Hystrix

Sun Jun 14 10:21:55 2015

RT @jessitron: Step 1 to writing good code: recognize there is no such thing as universally Good Code. Step 2: write boring code. ~ @searls

Sun Jun 14 08:07:36 2015

RT @_nighthacking: All the #NightHacking @GeekOutEE interviews are up on the website in record time!

Sat Jun 13 08:41:33 2015

RT @_nighthacking: Tomasz Nurkiewicz (@tnurkiewicz) on Asynchronous Processing @GeekOutEE

Fri Jun 12 16:47:12 2015

RT @ktosopl: .@_nighthacking with @tnurkiewicz

Fri Jun 12 13:37:34 2015

RT @_nighthacking: LIVE interview with @tnurkiewicz on asynchronous processing with Java at @GeekOutEE:

Fri Jun 12 13:01:32 2015

RT @antonarhipov: There’s @tnurkiewicz talking about CompletableFuture at #GeekOutEE

Fri Jun 12 09:42:55 2015

RT @shelajev: Asynchronous processing done right. A great session about CompletableFutures by @tnurkiewicz at @GeekOutEE

Fri Jun 12 09:42:34 2015

RT @SolidSoftBlog: Nice blog post about stack traces and a cost of creating exceptions by @tnurkiewicz

Wed Jun 10 08:10:37 2015

RT @alenkacz: @tnurkiewicz great presentation today. We are experimenting with Hystrix too :-) awesome library!

Tue Jun 09 07:11:39 2015

RT @WarszawaJUG: Zapraszamy na 161. WJUG, “Hystrix-Managing failures in distributed systems” Tomasz Nurkiewicz @tnurkiewicz

Fri Jun 05 12:04:20 2015

How LongAccumulator and DoubleAccumulator classes work? | | #Java8

Wed Jun 03 21:24:26 2015

RT @cbuleandra: One week left until the next #czjug event in Prague: #microservices & #hystrix with @MGrzejszczak and @tnurkiewicz. It’s go…

Mon Jun 01 15:54:23 2015

Notes after #Spring.IO Barcelona conference | | Thanks to @4financeIT

Sun May 31 14:19:02 2015

Got a gift from @bartekzdanowski from @TouK_pl and finally had time to play. Thank you!

Sat May 30 17:11:39 2015

RT @jacek_bilski: #hystrix presentation at #GeeCON by @tnurkiewicz - very good choice

Fri May 15 11:44:00 2015

RT @trzmiel: As usual @tnurkiewicz did an excellent job, this time on #Hystrix. #GeeCON

Fri May 15 11:43:56 2015

RT @ilopmar: Amazing presentation about #Hystrix by @tnurkiewicz. Very well done! Now I need to try it! #GeeCon

Fri May 15 11:43:50 2015

RT @cbuleandra: @tnurkiewicz is doing a great job on explaining how #Hystrix works at #GeeCON.

Fri May 15 11:43:09 2015

RT @ioanasaysgo: #Hystrix demo by @tnurkiewicz is AWESOME! #GeeCON

Fri May 15 11:43:03 2015

RT @tkaczanowski: Hystrix rules in room 5 @GeeCON great presentation by @tnurkiewicz

Fri May 15 11:42:41 2015

RT @ilopmar: The next talk it’s about #Hystrix. The whole presentation is live code. Love it! @tnurkiewicz

Fri May 15 11:42:22 2015

RT @Atmosphereconf: .@tnurkiewicz will speak at #AtmosphereConf about #Hystrix. Is there any reason to NOT to attend? :)

Wed May 13 11:51:29 2015

#Spring: injecting lists, maps, optionals and getBeansOfType() pitfalls | | #Java

Mon Apr 20 22:08:32 2015

Biological computer simulation of selfish genes | Inspired by “The Selfish Gene” by @RichardDawkins

Sun Apr 05 18:08:31 2015

I will be talking about #Hystrix (“managing failures in distributed systems”) at #Devoxx PL. No slides, just code!

Tue Mar 31 21:26:48 2015

CompletableFuture can’t be interrupted |

Mon Mar 23 18:11:17 2015

RT @jessitron: “We’re moving out of this system soon, so let’s just do quick hacks” … for years… #runAway

Thu Mar 19 08:21:41 2015

RT @will_sargent: Rereading the “Clean Code, Clean Logs” series and wanting to highfive @tnurkiewicz

Wed Mar 18 03:32:14 2015

Replying to @sdeleuze and [@mixIT_lyon](

Sorry, can’t make it this time :-(. Thank you for an invitation though!

Sat Feb 28 10:55:49 2015

Journey to idempotency and temporal decoupling | | #HTTP #REST #Spring

Mon Feb 23 08:27:25 2015

RT @jkubrynski: CompletableFuture tricks by @tnurkiewicz at @4financeIT workshop

Fri Feb 20 21:13:09 2015

Retry-After #HTTP header in practice |

Mon Feb 09 23:01:26 2015

RT @java: Congratulations New Java Champion: Jacek Laskowski @jaceklaskowski

Fri Feb 06 21:49:14 2015

Storing months of historical metrics from #Hystrix in #Graphite |

Mon Feb 02 19:40:08 2015

RT @jkubrynski: This Tuesday @iNikem at #wjug about off-heap techniques. Can’t miss!

Mon Jan 26 08:27:52 2015

RT @4financeIT: Check out our open source microservices tools library

Wed Jan 21 17:48:00 2015

#chamberconf was really unique, mostly due to unusual venue. Look what I found at @MosznaZamek!

Sun Jan 18 23:56:41 2015

RT @GeekOut_ee: Wlcm 2015 speakers 1/2:@z_oleg,@jgenender,@edburns,@tnurkiewicz,@aalmiray,@headius,@svenpet,@NoamTenne

Fri Jan 16 23:30:42 2015

RT @xaerxess: @jkubrynski Congrats for being featured in @DZone’s Dev of the Week!

Wed Jan 14 20:09:58 2015

I will do a live coding session about CompletableFuture in #Java8 at #GeekOut_ee this June in Tallinn. See you there!

Wed Jan 07 21:45:09 2015

Replying to @EchoSqueeze

Yes, is available in #Maven central here:|com.nurkiewicz.asyncretry|asyncretry|0.0.6|

Tue Jan 06 13:48:55 2015

Replying to @natpryce

CanBuildFrom typeclass does the trick: #scala

Sun Jan 04 09:08:45 2015

W ostatnim numerze @programistamag mój artykuł o #Hystrix. Polecam!

Thu Jan 01 22:16:49 2015

Asynchronous timeouts with CompletableFuture | | #Java8

Sat Dec 27 21:25:27 2014

RT @joewalnes: Postgres 9.4 final is out with awesome JSON support. Combine that V8 JS and there really is no reason to use MongoDB. Ever. …

Thu Dec 18 20:41:34 2014

#Hazelcast member discovery using #Curator and #ZooKeeper |

Mon Dec 15 20:41:14 2014

In #IntelliJIDEA Ctrl+E in editor shows recently opened files. TIL: focus on Find toolbox (Alt+3), where Ctrl+E shows recent search terms

Sun Dec 14 18:45:08 2014

Accessing #Meetup ‘s streaming API with #RxNetty | | #RxJava, #Netty and #JSON parsing done right

Mon Dec 08 22:27:03 2014

Enabling #JMX in #Jetty 9 under #SpringBoot | | Lambda style!

Thu Dec 04 22:47:42 2014

Benchmarking impact of batching in #Hystrix |

Thu Dec 04 21:58:25 2014

RT @hhariri: New plugin I’ve been working on…Still in prototype stages…

Thu Dec 04 18:52:36 2014

Replying to @heathborders

InterruptedIOException is only thrown from PipedInputStream/Reader and ProgressMonitorInputStream so it’s almost absent in JDK

Tue Nov 25 23:40:26 2014

Published: Converting between Completablefuture and Observable | | #java8 #rxjava

Mon Nov 24 21:40:45 2014

Published: ExecutorService - 10 tips and tricks | | #Java

Thu Nov 20 19:56:35 2014

RT @nofluffjobs: Senior Software Developer @ 4Finance Location: Warsaw, Poland

Thu Nov 13 23:35:34 2014

Published: Batching (collapsing) requests in #Hystrix |

Mon Nov 03 08:23:29 2014

What’s the problem? Today it’s called “microservices architecture”

Sun Nov 02 11:16:14 2014

RT @antonarhipov: @tnurkiewicz very good talk, thx!

Tue Oct 28 14:12:17 2014

Video from my #GeeCON live coding session about CompletableFuture in #Java8 is available:

Mon Oct 27 19:10:29 2014

RT @springcentral: Introducing Spring Sync - for efficient comms & data synch between clients and Spring-based servers

Wed Oct 22 19:12:02 2014

Replying to @LAFK_pl

Nothing that comes to my mind. Of course one could always argue some topics aren’t covered enough, but I really enjoyed this book

Thu Oct 16 22:10:17 2014

Published: #Java Performance: The Definitive Guide - review |

Thu Oct 16 18:02:34 2014

My first contribution to #Clojure language got merged! - fixing:

Fri Oct 10 22:30:29 2014

Replying to @bartczakt

‘Cockroaches’ was really good, but ‘Police’ IMHO outperforms it both from intrigue and storytelling mastery perspective

Fri Oct 10 22:03:07 2014

‘Police’ by @RealMrJoNesbo is one of the best, most frightening, violent and surprising crime novels I read, ever. Strongly recommended.

Sun Sep 28 10:17:32 2014

Published: #Hazelcast MapLoader pitfalls |

Mon Sep 22 20:38:41 2014

Published: Property-based testing with #ScalaCheck - custom generators in #Scala |

Fri Sep 19 09:36:12 2014

Published: Property-based testing with #Spock and #Groovy |

Thu Sep 18 09:45:10 2014

Got my @ScalaTimes sticker, thanks @jaceklaskowski and @softwaremill! #scala

Tue Sep 02 22:10:56 2014

Replying to @shelajev

You are right, well spotted. Fixed, thank you!

Sun Aug 24 19:05:05 2014

Published: URL shortener service in 42 lines of code in… #Java (?!) | #Spring Boot + #Redis | | CC: @LeviNotik

Sat Aug 23 21:26:56 2014

RT @raboofje: Nice post by @tnurkiewicz on request/response patterns in #scala #akka:

Tue Aug 12 10:07:12 2014

Published: Testing code for excessively large inputs |

Mon Jul 21 18:54:18 2014

Published: Building extremely large in-memory InputStream for testing purposes |

Mon Jul 21 17:35:23 2014

Published: Grouping, sampling and batching - custom collectors in #Java8 (with tests in #Spock) |

Thu Jul 17 21:24:37 2014

RT @warsjawa: We’ve another great mentor: Tomasz Nurkiewicz @tnurkiewicz will lead: “Advanced concurrency in Java”!

Thu Jul 17 17:04:17 2014

Me, live coding at #GeeCON this year. Final future? |

Wed Jul 16 22:03:33 2014

Replying to @akarazniewicz

You are right, collectors are pretty much encapsulated folds. I updated my article with more examples

Wed Jul 16 17:40:39 2014

Published: Introduction to writing custom collectors in #Java8 |

Tue Jul 15 22:08:55 2014

If “Hello world” example appears first in chapter 9, it must be a book about purely functional language | | #Haskell

Wed Jul 09 18:30:20 2014

Published: Turning recursive file system traversal into Stream<Path> | | #Java8

Mon Jul 07 18:12:53 2014

Best speaker at #confiturapl last year award I received today, thank you! And in Threee-dee!

Sat Jul 05 21:10:36 2014

RT @erbetowski: #warsjawa t-shirts at #confiturapl

Sat Jul 05 20:29:33 2014

RT @travisbrown: New blog post about folds and the name Foldable (in response to @tnurkiewicz): #critcode #scala #…

Fri Jul 04 15:58:44 2014

Published: #Clojure for Machine Learning book review |

Sun Jun 29 21:35:34 2014

#Java puzzle: what will be printed?

Sat Jun 28 21:32:04 2014

Published: Option.fold() considered unreadable | | about #Scala and #Haskell

Mon Jun 23 20:20:26 2014

My #Spring Data #JDBC repository ( library is now available in #Maven Central. Enjoy! |

Tue Jun 17 17:10:54 2014

RT @xaerxess: @tnurkiewicz Thanks for the talk, enjoyed examples, tempo and topic, very nice session, although I don’t think I’ll use Saiku…

Tue Jun 10 12:49:14 2014

Slides from my talk at #33rdDegree conference about #Saiku and #OLAP: | Thanks for coming!

Tue Jun 10 11:52:30 2014

RT @ktosopl: Something great is coming to Prague later this year, be a part of it! #GeeCON

Tue Jun 10 07:53:25 2014

RT @lukaseder: Modern relational OLAP databases? I’m sold for the talk by @tnurkiewicz: #33rdDegree

Tue Jun 10 07:04:46 2014

“Don’t use setter injection, even when you are alone. Use constructors instead” by @starbuxman at #33rdDegree.

Mon Jun 09 15:58:49 2014

My async-retry library ( for #Java 8 is published to #Maven central (, more to come. Enjoy!

Sat May 31 09:23:11 2014

Replying to @paulszulc

Yes, the story and code is real. App is not yet rewritten to #Akka, but it’s in progress. We can talk about the details in person

Fri May 30 18:02:30 2014

Published: Simplifying trading system with #Akka (in #Java) |

Thu May 29 21:22:01 2014

Published: InterruptedException and interrupting threads in #Java explained |

Wed May 28 17:43:24 2014

Slides from my talk about monitoring #Java applications at @WarszawaJUG are available at

Wed May 28 17:05:12 2014

  • Our code coverage increased by 15%
  • Not possible, it was just 20% a week ago!
  • Indeed, now it’s 23. /Lies, damned lies, and statistics/

Mon May 26 18:00:13 2014

RT @WarszawaJUG: Zapraszamy na 15. spotkanie Jinkubatora, Tomasz Nurkiewicz opowie o Monitorowaniu aplikacji

Sun May 25 12:11:14 2014

Source code from my coding session at #GeeCON conference this year about CompletableFuture in #Java 8:

Sat May 17 19:33:46 2014

@jkubrynski just built a REST microservice from scratch using #Spring boot during his talk at #geecon. In 5 minutes. Amazing.

Fri May 16 07:57:02 2014

RT @oficjalny: ‘CompletableFuture in Java8’ by @tnurkiewicz - best lecture on #geecon so far.

Thu May 15 14:26:11 2014

RT @miciek: Great live coding session by @tnurkiewicz at #geecon about CompletableFuture :) thanks!

Thu May 15 14:25:22 2014

RT @LukaszWiktor: @tnurkiewicz great talk about CompletableFeature!

Thu May 15 14:25:17 2014

RT @wololock: The one of my favorite speakers started his talk - @tnurkiewicz about CompletableFuture in java 8 #geecon

Thu May 15 14:25:04 2014

RT @SolidSoftBlog: Blogged: Using #AssertJ and #Awaitility together thanks to #Java8 and #lambdas

Tue Apr 29 21:30:58 2014

Published: HashMap performance improvements in #Java8 |

Tue Apr 22 20:55:56 2014

W marcowym numerze Magazynu Programista ( tym razem mój 8-stronicowy artykuł o #Akka

Tue Apr 22 20:44:01 2014

Tomorrow during @WarszawaJUG #Java8 flash-talks I’ll be talking about java.time, *.atomic and HashMap improvements |

Mon Apr 21 19:26:12 2014

Replying to @hanxue

Unfortunately talks at #ScalarConf were not recorded. Thanks for #Reddit link!

Tue Apr 08 21:38:44 2014

RT @liveweird: [BLOG POST] #ScalarConf - the first #Scala conference in Poland (from a .NET dude perspective)

Sat Apr 05 23:17:38 2014

Slides from my ‘Dark Side of #Scala’ talk: at #scalarconf

Sat Apr 05 18:15:18 2014

RT @mgrzechocinski: Great talks about #scala inconsistency by @tnurkiewicz and #akka persistence by @ktosopl So far, very enlightening time…

Sat Apr 05 17:30:46 2014

RT @mostruszka: As always, great talk by @tnurkiewicz about dark sides of #scala at #scalarconf

Sat Apr 05 17:29:44 2014

RT @travisbrown: One thing I can agree with from @tnurkiewicz’s @scalarconf talk: pattern matching on types is bad news.

Sat Apr 05 17:29:37 2014

RT @noahlz: TIL: Logback provides “root cause first” exception logging - since 0.9.3 - why don’t you people tell me …

Thu Apr 03 20:01:46 2014

Eating your own dog food? #Subversion developers migrate to #git |

Tue Apr 01 21:09:37 2014

Published: Automated bug finding with #git bisect and #mvn test |

Mon Mar 24 21:37:27 2014

I’ll be speaking at @33rdDegreeConf this June about #Saiku |

Mon Mar 24 18:56:37 2014

To all disbelievers: it’s official, #Java 8 was just released! |

Tue Mar 18 18:49:05 2014

Published: Simplifying ReadWriteLock with #Java 8 and lambdas |

Mon Mar 17 20:16:20 2014

IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 RC Introduces #SublimeText Style Multiple Selections, check the demo! | via @jetbrains

Sun Mar 16 11:28:01 2014

W lutowym numerze Magazynu Programista ( znajdziecie mój obszerny artykuł o Javie 8. Polecam!

Thu Mar 13 22:15:58 2014

I’ll attend #TEDxWarsaw conference this Thursday, see you there!

Mon Mar 10 18:27:14 2014

I will be talking about CompletableFuture from #Java8 on #GeeCON this year. Coding only session, see you there! |

Tue Mar 04 20:43:11 2014

Published: Custom #Spring namespaces made easier with #JAXB |

Sat Feb 22 20:28:53 2014

I will give “The Dark Side of #Scala” talk at @scalarconf this April, see you there!

Fri Feb 14 21:31:08 2014

Thank you @jetbrains and @WarszawaJUG for @intellijidea Ultimate license. Started using IDEA in 2009 and never looked back.

Thu Jan 30 20:35:56 2014

Replying to @cvsekhar

You are absolutely right. Fixed, thanks!

Wed Jan 08 22:56:07 2014

Published: Three flavours of request-response pattern in #Akka | | #Scala

Wed Jan 08 21:20:59 2014

Published: Turning #Twitter4J into @RxJava Observable |

Mon Jan 06 15:32:08 2014

Getting started with @intellijidea from @Packt is out: and I was one of the reviewers, enjoy!

Sun Jan 05 13:08:57 2014

Finally finished reactive programming course with 70/70 total score. Thanks @headinthebox, @odersky and @rolandkuhn for fantastic material

Thu Dec 26 18:00:45 2013

Published: Proxies done right with #Guava ‘s AbstractInvocationHandler | | #Java

Mon Dec 23 17:54:05 2013

Published: Promises and CompletableFuture | | #java8

Sun Dec 22 19:25:40 2013

RT @flatmaposlo: We’re thrilled to announce our first flatMap(Oslo) 2014 speaker. Martin Odersky is coming to Oslo! @odersky

Thu Dec 19 20:52:34 2013

Published: Playing with #Scala futures |

Sun Dec 15 21:40:01 2013

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

I intentionally avoided them :-) RT @grzkubiak Great talk! It’s amazing how you managed not to use words like ‘functional’ or ‘monad’ ;-)

Tue Dec 03 23:21:31 2013

RT @mgrzechocinski: Another awesome talk by @tnurkiewicz at @WarszawaJUG today! Fell in love with @RxJava library for reactive programming …

Tue Dec 03 21:58:17 2013

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about functional reactive programming in #Java (CompletableFuture and @RxJava) at @WarszawaJUG, see you there!

Mon Dec 02 21:02:49 2013

Replying to @TomaszDziurko

Comments are enabled on my blog but @Blogger is not displaying them most of the time. I blame #GooglePlus integration :-(

Wed Nov 20 22:47:46 2013

Published: #brainfuck in #Clojure. Part II: compiler |

Fri Nov 01 16:19:39 2013

Published: #brainfuck in #Clojure. Part I: interpreter |

Sun Oct 27 23:04:43 2013

Published: “Beginning #JavaEE 7” by @agoncal review |

Thu Oct 24 20:52:20 2013

Video of my @confiturapl 2013 talk about time in #Java (voted best according to attendees): (in Polish)

Wed Oct 16 19:12:51 2013

RT @scalarconf: Scalar, #Scala Conference in Central Europe officially announced!

For more info read


Sun Oct 13 20:15:16 2013

RT @cetnar: @tnurkiewicz @33rdDegreeConf Great talk! Thx

Sun Oct 13 18:01:40 2013

I will be speaking at 33rd Degree 4 charity conference this Sunday in Kraków | #33degree

Wed Oct 09 19:06:47 2013

There is one seat left for my #Java8 workshop (Polish) at #warsjawa in #Warsaw this Saturday, let me know if you are interested

Tue Oct 08 18:18:42 2013

Published: instanceof operator and Visitor pattern replacement in #Java 8

Tue Sep 24 22:01:42 2013

Published: Optional in #Java8 cheat sheet |

Mon Aug 19 14:48:40 2013

Great event by @skillsmatter: #Spring Exchange in #London with @springjuergen, @olivergierke, et al.: | #Springx

Sun Aug 18 22:00:43 2013

Replying to @majson

Put #JDBC driver with <scope>runtime</scope> in #Maven so that MySQL classes are not accessible during compilation, only at runtime

Fri Aug 09 10:26:13 2013

RT @kingsfleet: Very pleasing asynchronous retry library for #jdk8 from @tnurkiewicz

Thu Aug 08 12:27:28 2013

RT @bartekzdanowski: @tnurkiewicz najlepszym prelegentem Confitury 2013! Brawa! #confiturapl

Mon Aug 05 14:02:21 2013

Replying to @eldermael

CompletableFuture.isCompletedExceptionally() was added in build 98 ( of #JDK8, I use build 100

Tue Jul 30 06:58:19 2013

Today #Java 7 turns 2 years old. Some people are still developing without generics while lambdas are around the corner.

Sun Jul 28 19:21:15 2013

RT @grzkubiak: @tnurkiewicz Great! We need something like that in different projects so often :)

Wed Jul 24 09:16:49 2013

RT @DouglasCAyers: @tnurkiewicz Very nice! I’m working on a Java app that needs some retry support for unreliable web services it hits. Tha…

Wed Jul 24 06:19:18 2013

Blogged: Asynchronous retry pattern | | #Java 8 and #Spring supported

Tue Jul 23 18:41:24 2013

Replying to @Profpatsch

Apparently @DZone breaks formatting when republishing my articles (same here:, luckily source is linked

Sun Jul 21 21:08:47 2013

Blogged: Managing congested actors in #Akka and #Scala |

Wed Jul 17 16:54:37 2013

Blogged: Fake system clock pattern in #Scala with implicit parameters |

Mon Jul 15 16:46:59 2013

“comparing / a data structure / to another / that is cache friendly from an abstract Big-O POV is just pointless” |

Sat Jul 13 06:07:13 2013

Slides from my #confiturapl talk: / English: /

Tue Jul 09 16:47:57 2013

RT @kamilkubacki: I really enjoyed this year’s #confiturapl :) @tnurkiewicz gave great speech about time in java :)

Mon Jul 08 14:21:25 2013

RT @michalgruca: Prezentacja @tnurkiewicz najlepsza jak do tej pory na #confiturapl

Sat Jul 06 13:04:56 2013

Blogged: Macro lifecycle in #Clojure |

Tue Jul 02 16:40:50 2013

RT @VidyaLLC: Outstanding post by @tnurkiewicz on using the power of #Scala to create a DSL for tests anyone can understand

Tue Jul 02 05:42:35 2013

Blogged: su and sudo in #Spring Security applications |

Sun Jun 30 10:15:40 2013

RT @sascha_d: People, stop it with your screencasts. When I need to know how to do something, I want to read it in 10 seconds, not watch a …

Thu Jun 27 19:54:13 2013

“Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only unit tested it, not tried it.”

Sat Jun 22 10:59:58 2013

Replying to @trzmiel

Try #jqGrid in inline editing mode:

Sat Jun 15 12:38:20 2013

Thanks @stuarthalloway for great talk today in #Oslo about, #Datomic and #Clojure

Fri Jun 14 21:43:12 2013

Blogged: #Clojure macros for beginners |

Sun Jun 09 21:30:09 2013

I will be speaking at #confiturapl about handling times and dates in software systems. More enjoyable than it sounds ;-). See you in #Warsaw

Sun Jun 09 19:18:29 2013

Blogged: Mapping enums done right with @Convert in #JPA 2.1 | | #Java #JavaEE

Sun Jun 02 21:02:42 2013

Replying to @mgrzechocinski

This syntax in #Java is called Double Brace Initialization and is sometimes considered bad practice |

Wed May 29 11:26:54 2013

Blogged: Null safety in #Kotlin |

Mon May 27 19:19:50 2013

Replying to @viktorklang

Have a look at 2nd part of this article ( where I explain why it’s broken (but the idea is still useful)

Tue May 14 13:13:56 2013

Publishing lazy sequences implementation for #Java8 | | heavily inspired by #Scala streams and #Clojure

Mon May 13 20:49:50 2013

Blogged: #Java8: CompletableFuture in action | | first part:

Sun May 12 21:15:06 2013

RT @DouglasCAyers: @tnurkiewicz thanks! I’m learning Scala on and about to start streams lesson. Nice intro for me ;)

Fri May 10 06:27:07 2013

Blogged: #Java8: Definitive guide to CompletableFuture |

Thu May 09 20:11:56 2013

RT @ceki: Remove “build” and your statement would still be true!

Wed May 08 22:04:01 2013

#Scala build tools use Scala as DSL #Groovy build tools use Groovy as DSL #Clojure build tools use Clojure as DSL #Java build tools use XML

Wed May 08 21:49:08 2013

Blogged: Synchronising Multithreaded Integration Tests revisited | | …and first look at #Java8 with @intellijidea

Mon May 06 17:34:06 2013

Blogged: Lazy sequences in #Scala and #Clojure | | testing #Cron expressions, again

Sat May 04 09:57:41 2013

Replying to @mariofusco

“Beginners will do it for free. Professionals will do it for money. Masters won’t do it, even for money.”

Mon Apr 22 20:15:10 2013

My simple #Scalatron bot in #Scala: - not sure how good/bad it is, anyone to compare?

Mon Apr 22 19:44:09 2013

Replying to @majson and [@aslakknutsen](

Hundreds of teen girls are screaming outside my office now, I work next to the Thief Hotel where @justinbieber stays

Thu Apr 18 12:12:51 2013

Blogged: SiftingAppender: logging different threads to different log files | | #Logback

Sun Apr 14 11:46:54 2013

Blogged: WatchService combined with #Akka actors | | #Scala and #Java

Mon Apr 08 19:15:19 2013

RT @jboner: “Don’t communicate by sharing memory, share memory by communicating.” - Rob Pike (

Mon Apr 08 07:46:26 2013

Replying to @johncromartie

Thx, your code is more compact, but is using vec and @ more idiomatic? Just learning. PS you must log in to comment on @DZone

Sun Apr 07 19:11:54 2013

Replying to @sourcedelica

Thanks for #rxjava tip, I’ll have a look. Also I missed CompletableFuture from JSR166 so I guess my ‘Future’ series isn’t done

Fri Apr 05 19:35:07 2013

Blogged: #Scala traits implementation and interoperability. Part II: Traits linearization |

Wed Apr 03 20:41:06 2013

Blogged: #Scala traits implementation and interoperability. Part I: Basics |

Mon Apr 01 21:17:46 2013

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Thank you! RT @DouglasCAyers Great article! Easy to read and I appreciated the clear and thorough instructions. Thanks for sharing…

Mon Apr 01 09:58:37 2013

Blogged: Synchronizing transactions with asynchronous events in #Spring |

Fri Mar 29 11:48:56 2013

Replying to @jarrod_dixon

I added support for #grep and #wget for starters:–help/blob/grep-wget/curl–help.htm

Fri Mar 29 11:29:03 2013

Blogged: #FitNesse your #ScalaTest with custom #Scala #DSL |

Thu Mar 28 16:38:54 2013

Blogged: Promises and futures in #Clojure |

Sun Mar 24 10:31:53 2013

By @zef: “build amazing apps [..] with the most boring technology, [..] (that) has been in production for years” |

Sat Mar 23 10:57:46 2013

Blogged: Promises and Deferred objects in #jQuery and #AngularJS | | Futures in #JavaScript this time

Mon Mar 11 18:48:05 2013

Replying to @fernandommota and [@SaikuAnalytics](

Any chances for open-sourcing this great feature? I was actually considering writing it myself one day…

Sun Mar 10 19:47:25 2013

Blogged: Futures in #Akka with #Scala |

Thu Mar 07 17:41:04 2013

Replying to @corvindun

dzięki, miło mi! Piszę, bo lubię, ale nie planuję nic większego. PS: a o Future<T> nie powiedziałem jeszcze ostatniego słowa ;-)

Wed Mar 06 21:51:17 2013

Just released v0.3 of my #Spring Data #JDBC repository. #Oracle and querying by a set of primary keys support #Java

Wed Mar 06 21:38:55 2013

Blogged: DeferredResult - asynchronous processing in #Spring MVC | | #Java

Mon Mar 04 17:06:59 2013

Is Your Code Structured Like This? | | interesting analysis by @EdmundKirwan of #JUnit design evolution

Fri Mar 01 17:05:13 2013

Blogged: Advanced ListenableFuture capabilities | | #Java and #Guava

Thu Feb 28 22:36:58 2013

Blogged: ListenableFuture in #Guava | | #Java

Mon Feb 25 22:38:53 2013

RT @nicolaiarocci: Backbone.js vs Angular.js : Demystifying the myths

Sun Feb 24 09:41:24 2013

Blogged: ExecutorCompletionService in practice | | #Java

Fri Feb 22 21:00:12 2013

Gifts from #stackoverflow arrived few days ago. Still not sure what it is, but looks cool ;-). Thanks!

Wed Feb 20 22:14:15 2013

Blogged: Implementing custom Future<T> | | #Java and #JMS

Wed Feb 20 19:41:03 2013

Replying to @mateuszszulc

thx! Good timing, I just reached 100K rep. on #stackoverflow and decided to focus on other challenges

Tue Feb 19 16:41:03 2013

@springrod in “(We) overinvested in #dmServer (#OSGi) for 2 yrs seduced by technology in search of a problem” (0:37)

Sun Feb 17 11:39:19 2013

Blogged: java.util.concurrent.Future basics | | #Java

Sat Feb 16 18:43:15 2013

Blogged: Don’t rely on unit tests alone | | #Java #TDD

Sat Feb 09 22:44:04 2013

Breaking build is not a crime: | effective continuous integration with #git and #Atlassian #Bamboo

Sat Feb 02 21:47:25 2013

RT @Jfokus: We welcome Konrad Malawski @ktosopl to #Jfokus 2013 with the talk: “Scala your Android” #scala #android #mobile

Thu Jan 31 09:56:31 2013

Just got my #DZGoodies package from @DZone. I especially enjoy printed Refcard on #WebSockets. Thanks!

Wed Jan 30 19:52:49 2013

Dangerous key collisions in #Spring caching abstraction: by @ethlo - bug?

Tue Jan 29 20:20:45 2013

Blogged: How aggressive is method inlining in #JVM? | #Java

Sun Jan 27 21:14:35 2013

My #Spring Data #JDBC repository now supports #MSSQL Server 2008/2012. Thanks @thomasdarimont for this contribution!

Thu Jan 24 18:27:23 2013

Announcing #Spring Data #JDBC generic DAO implementation: | | Yet another #Java #ORM?! Not quite

Sun Jan 20 17:15:57 2013

Replying to @TomaszDziurko and [@MichalBartyzel](

ja słyszałem: ‘testy jednostkowe - wrzucamy na produkcję bez testów i modlimy się przez jednostkę czasu’ ;-)

Fri Jan 18 19:14:28 2013

Terrific #Netty tutorial:, followed by part 2: | #Java

Mon Jan 14 19:48:25 2013

Blogged: @Cacheable overhead in #Spring | | #Java, #performance

Sun Jan 13 21:22:11 2013

Blogged: #Probability distribution for programmers

Wed Jan 09 19:04:57 2013

RT @jaceklaskowski: @tnurkiewicz Congrats! I’m impressed.

Wed Jan 09 18:15:13 2013

“Learning #Highcharts” book is out: and I was a technical reviewer. #JavaScript developers-enjoy!

Tue Jan 08 18:38:50 2013

Any #nginx experts out there? Looking for some help… |

Thu Dec 20 07:30:18 2012

Great slides for both #Scala and #Android enthusiast: RT @ktosopl: I just published my #krakdroid slides. […]

Sun Dec 16 12:51:26 2012

Iterations Considered Harmful | | Critical take on #Scrum by @kief

Fri Dec 14 09:15:43 2012

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

Coming out, joining ‘Not Only Mocks’ movement, RT @agoncal I’m officially launching the “NoMock Movement”:

Tue Nov 27 17:25:19 2012

Blogged: Forcing #Tomcat to log through #SLF4J/#Logback |

Mon Nov 26 18:30:09 2012

I’m impressed how easy it was to setup continuous integration for my @github hosted #Java project on @travisci |

Sun Nov 25 21:00:09 2012

Replying to @ags313 and [@TomaszDziurko](

We use jdeb ( by @tcurdt) #Maven plugin to build #Debian packages. Does what you want.

Sat Nov 24 22:41:33 2012

Blogged: Standalone web application with executable #Tomcat | | using #Maven plugin

Sat Nov 24 22:15:09 2012

RT @jTed_smith: We’ve got multi-core CPUs, so why not make use of them? Check this great #Java #Parallelization article by @tnurkiewicz

Tue Nov 20 07:10:28 2012

Blogged: Parallelization of a simple use case explained | | in #Java and a little bit of #Spring

Sun Nov 18 19:01:22 2012

Great #progfun #Scala course by @odersky at @coursera is over. Now waiting for a similar one about #Clojure. Anyone?

Tue Nov 13 17:58:53 2012

RT @FrVaBe: Enabling load balancing and failover in Apache #CXF by @tnurkiewicz < Thanks - could be useful to kn …

Tue Nov 13 15:04:28 2012

Replying to @tnurkiewicz

76 great slides: RT: And here are the slides of my #Google #Guava intro for @smarchive by @joschi83

Sun Nov 11 20:03:20 2012

Blogged: Remote actors - discovering #Akka | for the time being - last part #Scala

Sat Nov 10 19:28:43 2012

Non-blocking I/O - discovering #Akka #Scala, #netty powered

Tue Nov 06 17:45:31 2012

Replying to @rolandkuhn

thanks for pointing it out, I clarified that bit.

Mon Nov 05 20:35:52 2012

Blogged: become/unbecome - discovering #Akka #Scala

Mon Nov 05 18:45:51 2012

Quite interesting collection of #Spring, #Maven and #Java best practices: by @gdickens

Sun Nov 04 21:47:37 2012

My comment about #StackOverflow quoted by New York Times: author @kevincarey1. How awesome!

Sat Nov 03 18:00:56 2012

RT @alexkorotkikh: @tnurkiewicz thx to you for the great article :) actually, it was translated by @surg. We both maintains

Sat Nov 03 16:54:27 2012

#Russian translation of my ‘Where do the stack traces come from?’ post ( by @alexkorotkikh: - thx!

Sat Nov 03 16:03:38 2012

Blogged: Two actors - discovering #Akka | #Scala

Fri Nov 02 19:33:18 2012

RT @trzmiel: Saved by @tnurkiewicz again - testing Quartz cron expressions. Keep ‘em coming!

Fri Nov 02 09:40:19 2012

Blogged: Request and response - discovering #Akka | #Scala

Wed Oct 31 18:59:24 2012

Blogged: Your first message - discovering #Akka |, #Scala

Tue Oct 30 07:56:06 2012

Blogged: #Java features applicability - which features to use on a daily basis, which occasionally and which… never |

Sun Oct 28 21:33:16 2012

Double #Java misunderstanding: objects are garbage collected when they are no longer referenced by any other object

Wed Oct 24 21:34:50 2012

RT @howardtayler: This has made me happy all day: “Not my problem” in Polish is “nie moj cyrk, nie moje malpy.” Literally “not my circus …

Wed Oct 24 21:30:20 2012

whitespace? what’s that? by @kevinb9n

Mon Oct 22 07:14:23 2012

Effective #Scala - VERY comprehensive and pragmatic guide by @marius from @twitter

Sun Oct 21 16:34:44 2012

Blogged: Testing #Quartz Cron expressions

Sat Oct 20 17:50:45 2012

Blogged: #Java Coding Conventions considered harmful |

Thu Oct 18 18:10:57 2012

RT @trzmiel: Saved again by @tnurkiewicz - Which Java thread consumes my CPU?

Thu Oct 18 10:16:12 2012

Yet another reason to hate #Java/#XML couple -

Thu Oct 18 07:38:05 2012

Traditional Offices Kill Creativity | Javalobby:

Tue Oct 09 13:28:58 2012

“It took me hours to discover what the issue was” - it took @intellijidea less than a second to mark potential bug…

Sun Oct 07 20:17:17 2012

RT @etiennestuder: Without the invention of the mouse, there would be no #EclipseIDE - without the invention of the keyboard, there woul …

Sat Oct 06 18:44:29 2012

Blogged: Where do the stack traces come from? | #Java #performance

Sat Oct 06 10:23:52 2012

#JMX/jconsole in browser with #Jolokia, #JavaScript/#jquery: | See also: and

Thu Oct 04 19:35:14 2012

Every #Java release is like #Apple product première: everyone’s excited about features that competition has for ages //waiting for lambdas

Thu Oct 04 19:16:24 2012

@Typesafe brings @SpringSource co-founder Rod Johnson (@springrod) aboard

Mon Oct 01 08:44:04 2012

Blogged: RateLimiter - discovering #Google #Guava: - lots of samples and use-cases | #Java

Sun Sep 30 21:40:09 2012

RT @roy: is awesome. Record your terminal and playback in your browser. No video: plain text with JavaScript!! #rub …

Sun Sep 30 11:09:23 2012

RT @toyg: Great Knuth quote on #pyconuk poster: “programming is the art of telling another human what one wants the computer to do”

Sun Sep 30 08:12:54 2012

My tiny #bugfix of #Hazelcast: - I love the way #GitHub encourages developers to submit pull requests | #Java #Git

Fri Sep 28 10:53:06 2012

Dziękuję uczestnikom #confiturapl za oddane głosy i cenne uwagi - drugi najlepszy wykład konferencji (!) |

Tue Sep 25 21:10:22 2012

#Google Spanner’s Most Surprising Revelation: #NoSQL is Out and #NewSQL is In

Mon Sep 24 17:46:30 2012

Replying to @mostruszka

Just check out HTML of #endomondo - it’s full of #wicket references

Sun Sep 23 15:43:42 2012

FEST Assertions 2.0 brings some pretty exciting new features! #Java #JUnit

Wed Sep 05 07:17:38 2012

Nagranie mojej prezentacji ‘Uwolnić się od “if”’ z #confiturapl: lub

Mon Sep 03 17:20:26 2012

Hilarious nitpicking on #Ruby and #JavaScript: via @garybernhardt

Sat Sep 01 21:46:57 2012

Blogged: Accessing clipboard in #Linux terminal - | #Ubuntu #XML #JSON

Sat Sep 01 21:21:11 2012

RT @hekonsek: @tnurkiewicz After closer look - I agree :) .

Fri Aug 31 09:47:55 2012

Invoke Interface Optimisations - great benchmark and discussion about method inlining in #Java | by @mjpt777

Thu Aug 30 19:56:43 2012

RT @ellnestam: Every time you return ‘null’ from a function, Nickelback release a new album.

Tue Aug 28 15:13:33 2012

Replying to @hekonsek

You pasted your password in some random web site? It’s cracked already if you ask me ;-) |

Mon Aug 27 21:47:33 2012

RT @lizardbill: I think this thing could really take off. Great documentation!

Sun Aug 26 21:57:11 2012

‘Everything I Ever Learned about #JVM Performance Tuning @twitter’ - insightful talk by @asz about GC in #Java:

Sun Aug 26 14:08:09 2012

Half of #StackOverflow questions could be avoided if authors read the source of problematic library | by @codinghorror

Sat Aug 25 14:14:12 2012

Which #Java thread consumes my CPU? - - using #grep, #top and #jstack

Sat Aug 25 10:33:53 2012

Having #PayPal ‘Donate’ button on your blog? Are you sure you are charity organization? via @ThinkDevGrow

Fri Aug 24 10:24:50 2012

Replying to @hekonsek

IMHO it’s terrible. If you remove all screenshots with #maven output, you get ~50 pages of content. Only basics of #SOAP and #REST

Thu Aug 23 19:37:05 2012

“What additional features do #JavaEE 6 have to move from #SpringFramework?”

Wed Aug 22 17:57:38 2012

RT @bunsenhoneydew: If you look at code you wrote six months ago and aren’t slightly embarrassed then you should be embarrassed by how l …

Wed Aug 22 15:54:03 2012

Replying to @michal_warecki

that’s what #CEP system are for, I hope #Drools can handle it. I’ll put a project on #GitHub soon and let you know | #Java

Wed Aug 22 07:52:46 2012

Replying to @michal_warecki

Silly me, I meant ever-growing OldGen (which will eventually break). If you have a leak, objects eventually fill-up OldGen

Wed Aug 22 07:50:00 2012

Replying to @hekonsek

Actually I was thinking about real-time monitoring of several JVMs and forwarding observations so #Camel is not such a bad idea!

Tue Aug 21 21:25:10 2012

Replying to @michal_warecki

Ever-growing PermGen -> leak. A lot of full GCs -> inc. young (oversimpl.) #Drools Fusion to define such rules in #DSL #Java

Tue Aug 21 20:03:06 2012

RT @michal_warecki: @tnurkiewicz Interesting. Only GC logs? How do you detect memory leaks without heap dump? Hmmm, misconf. is up to th …

Tue Aug 21 20:02:40 2012

Planning to write GC log analyzer and assistant based on #Drools Fusion, suggesting leaks and GC misconfigurations. Anyone interested? #Java

Tue Aug 21 19:35:55 2012

RT @jamesiry: Pro tip: always do expensive processing on the main UI thread. Non-responsiveness gives users confidence that the computer …

Tue Aug 21 18:55:08 2012

Replying to @hedonistchander

Not really, books I’ve learnt #SpringFramework from are outdated, however #Amazon search reveals at least 6 from 2012

Mon Aug 20 21:14:14 2012

Just become a 5th proud owner of #SpringFramework gold badge on #StackOverflow.

Mon Aug 20 15:54:22 2012

RT @gnejs: Wanna build an event-driven game server?We need more developers (Växjö/Sthlm, Sweden)! DM me for more info! #akka #camel #osg …

Mon Aug 20 15:50:10 2012

RT @damienkatz: A machine dispensing udp packets had a sign saying “Out of Order” (the great thing about udp jokes is I don’t care if yo …

Sun Aug 19 20:24:51 2012

RT @Amnesty_Norge: Ane Bonde Tusvik: I Russland er det lettere å bli fengslet for å synge en sang enn for å drepe en journalist. #FreePu …

Sat Aug 18 19:14:48 2012

“the binary, which represents the entire #Facebook application, is […] 1.5GB in size”: - and deployed via #BitTorrent

Sat Aug 18 15:09:47 2012

RT @guardianeco: Norwegian driver hits bear while trying to avoid moose

Thu Aug 16 22:11:48 2012

Learning @netty_project (, can’t wait to integrate it with #akka in any way

Wed Aug 15 18:15:16 2012

#Facebook Compiling #PHP to Run on the #JVM? |

Tue Aug 14 18:07:13 2012

Test Heuristics #CheatSheet - for #UnitTesting and integration #testing

Tue Aug 14 16:12:25 2012

RT @tkaczanowski: my mindmap of code reviews

Mon Aug 13 17:23:50 2012

Replying to @tombujok

Don’t forget ‘Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site’ by #Yahoo: #cdn #css #javascript #http

Thu Aug 02 12:16:49 2012

#Google #Guava for Cleaner Code: - slides with short wrap-up

Thu Aug 02 06:58:13 2012

RT @gamsjo: Oslo city turned upside down today, because US embassy had forgotten a training bomb under a car! #fail

Wed Aug 01 16:18:51 2012

RT @mandubian: Java concurrent.Future should have been called blocking.Failure considering it doesn’t even provide a callback!!!!!

Tue Jul 31 18:44:32 2012

Marvellous talk about immutable data structures in #Scala and how they relate to modern CPU architecture by @djspiewak:

Tue Jul 31 18:42:34 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, #Vagrant is awesome

Tue Jul 31 13:00:02 2012

RT @niebezpiecznik: Ciekawe ogłoszenie o pracę w security w Inteligo (widzicie to co my?):

Tue Jul 31 08:38:16 2012

RT @cquinn: I think we should open source the government. All laws in guthub, accepting pull requests. Then delete most of them.

Tue Jul 31 08:06:34 2012

RT @ymasory: ScalaKata has awesome potential for exchanging “runnable gists”. Never deal with an uncompilable gist again.

Sun Jul 29 12:20:34 2012

RT @ptrbojko: @tnurkiewicz nice post :)

Sat Jul 28 18:06:32 2012

Blogged: String memory internals in #Java

Sat Jul 28 17:45:35 2012

Replying to @jaceklis

Ctrl + Z in #Opera

Fri Jul 27 09:52:07 2012

Use Boolean.valueOf() method vs autoboxing to create Boolean objects in #Java (on #StackOverflow)

Fri Jul 27 08:11:04 2012

@gitHater #git Simply explained:

Fri Jul 27 06:37:18 2012

RT @codinghorror: Dolph Lundgren is an inhuman monster!

Thu Jul 26 22:03:38 2012

RT @mongodb: Edda: a log visualizer for MongoDB

Thu Jul 26 18:08:45 2012

canPlayType() in #html5 (#JavaScript media API) return values: “probably”, “maybe” or empty string…

Thu Jul 26 06:42:49 2012

RT @jboner: Latency numbers every programmer should know:

Tue Jul 24 17:00:17 2012

Is there any way of imitating OR in Java Generics

Tue Jul 24 16:46:54 2012

RT @PeterGriffiin: I need a 6 month vacation, twice a year.

Tue Jul 24 13:58:00 2012

RT @mfeathers: How the Norwegians Reacted to Terrorism

Mon Jul 23 17:24:11 2012

My most upvoted question on #stackoverflow so far: Rebasing a branch including all its children (in #git)

Sun Jul 22 13:23:17 2012

RT @MiriamElder: Anthony Kiedis in a Pussy Riot t-shirt (Red Hot Chili Peppers play Moscow this weekend) via @xenia

Sun Jul 22 09:05:54 2012

RT @codinghorror: Today’s meal: New Programming Jargon, with a side dish of deletionism.

Fri Jul 20 21:53:14 2012

RT @debasishg: Scala job trends seem to be skyrocketing ..

Fri Jul 20 21:06:41 2012

Replying to @koziolek

”s == null || s.trim().isEmpty()” is not only simpler, but also better explains the intent and maps directly to method name

Fri Jul 20 11:03:19 2012

RT @jamie_gaskins: @solnic Clearly, 1/2 LOC = 1/2 complexity, just like driving 2x as fast is safer because you’re on the road 1/2 the …

Fri Jul 20 11:00:40 2012

RT @madeupstats: Last year, the rate of statistical inaccuracies on the Internet doubled from 23% to 33%.

Fri Jul 20 06:46:02 2012

RT @spolsky: Best practices for implementing “forgot password” feature securely: (thanks @dpthanki)

Fri Jul 20 06:41:53 2012

RT @etorreborre: Axa looking for #scala #akka #scalaz developers (yes, you read #scalaz!)

Fri Jul 20 06:40:25 2012

RT @solnic: With a CI server all my tests can be slow as hell because I won’t have to run them #loltdd

Thu Jul 19 20:30:41 2012

RT @mreinhold: Project Jigsaw: Late for the train: #java8 #java9

Tue Jul 17 19:43:25 2012

Just finished reading “Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management and Optimization” - very comprehensive and in-depth!

Sun Jul 15 15:05:43 2012

RT @intellijidea: [scala blog] Format and convert

Fri Jul 13 11:22:27 2012

RT @tkaczanowski: looking for #Scala devs in Krakow,oferta,2567119

Fri Jul 13 11:21:56 2012

RT @intellijidea: Winner of the JAX Innovation Awards

Thu Jul 12 16:34:46 2012

Replying to @troyhunt

See: - how #facebook practices continuous deployment

Wed Jul 11 08:16:58 2012

RT @rit: Absolutely stellar overview (with lots of juicy detail) of Scala 2.10 from @dcsobral -

Tue Jul 10 19:34:58 2012

#junit: “expected: java.lang.String<274> but was: java.lang.String<274>” -> “Click to see difference” -> “Contents are identical”

Tue Jul 10 12:12:49 2012

RT @SpringSource: Spring Framework 3.1.2 Released Grab the bits from Maven Central or #SpringF …

Mon Jul 09 16:05:57 2012

RT @gitHater: if ping was designed by the git people: net-ping host –no=dns,bind –proto=TCP,rfc:492 eth0@ipv4:: …

Sun Jul 08 08:57:29 2012

Kilka miłych słów od @jaceklaskowski nt. mojej prezentacji na #confiturapl i całej konferencji, dzięki!

Sat Jul 07 11:57:22 2012

RT @p_nowicki: #Spring uses #CGLib to create dynamic class (not interface) proxies. What does #JavaEE server use? I mean #CDI, #EJB no-i …

Sat Jul 07 11:40:40 2012

Slajdy z mojego wykładu “Uwolnić się od ‘if’” z konferencji #confiturapl:

Mon Jul 02 11:34:26 2012

RT @jaceklaskowski: Listening to Tomek Nurkiewicz’s talk about no-if development. Intro very engaging. Monads again! #confiturapl

Mon Jul 02 10:10:23 2012

RT @michal_warecki: Jak pozbywac sie ‘if’. Swietna prezentacja i swietny prelegent. #confiturapl

Mon Jul 02 09:17:16 2012

RT @ScalaPL: Wspaniała prezentacja Tomasza Nurkiewicza #confiturapl @tnurkiewicz

Mon Jul 02 09:11:55 2012

“Compilation is automatically triggered […] Global error highlighting without explicit compilation” in @intellijidea

Thu Jun 28 14:10:06 2012

Replying to @AdamBien

and what about injecting EntityManager to servlets and singleton beans (without container synchronization)?

Mon Jun 25 11:43:42 2012

RT @ptrbojko: #craftware, fathers of #craftforge has just released raw dev preview of - reservation system in Poland. #in http: …

Fri Jun 22 16:10:45 2012

RT @p_nowicki: Thank you captain javadoc-obvious!


  • Returns true or false */ public boolean isAvailable() { return isAvailable(s …

Thu Jun 21 19:48:00 2012

Surprisingly, EntityManager is thread-safe in #SpringFramework, but not in #cdi / #ejb : #stackoverflow #jpa

Sat Jun 16 17:28:00 2012

RT @rmz: Lisbeth Salander’s shocking SQL revealed!

Fri Jun 08 22:05:43 2012

I will be speaking at @confiturapl about avoiding “ifs” in code, see you there!

Fri Jun 08 07:44:10 2012

#Google Bot now crawls arbitrary #Javascript sites (?)

Sun Jun 03 21:02:33 2012

#Oslo #coderetreat summer 2012 - in #Scala with @jhannes -

Sun May 27 22:01:05 2012

@jhannes def d(c:Char){val r=c-‘A’;(-r to r)foreach{y=>(-r to r)foreach{x=>print(if(x.abs+y.abs==r)(‘A’+x.abs).toChar else ‘ ‘)};println()}}

Sun May 27 21:40:42 2012

RT @pawelwrzeszcz: “Tests are probably the only type of documentation that is up to day” @tkaczanowski #geecon

Thu May 17 14:06:20 2012

#JavaScript dynamic language support in #SpringFramework - old, but still unresolved, see:

Tue May 15 21:04:35 2012

Integrating with #reCAPTCHA using… #SpringIntegration (#spring)

Sun May 13 16:30:20 2012

#servlet startAsync() limited usefulness - bug or a feature in #Tomcat and #Jetty?

Sat May 12 20:11:06 2012

RT @splattne: “Dear StackExchange: Thank You” (+1)

Sat May 12 20:10:34 2012

Smarter lookup-method in #SpringFramework, discuss and vote:

Tue May 08 19:15:28 2012

#mongodb and recording appenders for #logback - check out and vote for and

Sun May 06 17:04:31 2012

RT @PhilosophersSay: One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important. - Bert …

Sun May 06 16:28:25 2012

eta-expansion (internals) in #scala explained:

Tue Apr 10 13:26:13 2012

Secret powers of foldLeft() in #scala

Mon Apr 09 13:31:31 2012

@quartzscheduler misfire instructions explained

Sun Apr 08 16:24:44 2012

@quartzscheduler plugins - hidden treasure:

Thu Apr 05 12:01:24 2012

Configuring @quartzscheduler with JDBCJobStore in #SpringFramework:

Thu Apr 05 12:00:25 2012

Filtering irrelevant stack trace lines while #logging: in #logback

Sat Mar 17 22:30:42 2012

—Replying to @TomaszDziurko

Just check “Surround selection on typing quote or brace” in #Intellij #Idea settings - even simpler!

Sun Nov 20 22:00:33 2011


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